Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Works for Me" Priority Checklist!

In a recent post I shared what I felt the Lord was speaking to me about how I spend my time and what my focus should be each day. Read about it here.

I soon realized this priority list would not do me any good if I didn't have some accountability.

So I made a list of questions to ask myself. (or have Brian ask me each night)

I laminated it and have it hanging on the lamp; can't miss it. (That is unless my nightstand is a mess :-)

I feel it is so important to frequently ask ourselves questions that cause us to actually stop and think, instead of letting life just whizz by.

If this thought intrigues you, you might be interested in a series we are doing called "Probing Questions". They are sure to change your life!

Also on my sidebar I have a running accountability check-in. Check it out if you are interested in seeing if I practice what I preach!

Below are the questions I ask myself daily (almost)

Priority Daily Checklist


Was I kind and gentle with the children?
Did I have at thankful heart?
Was I content with all the Lord had for me?
Did I see God in all things?


Was I a good wife today?
Did I pray for him?
Did I spend time with my ‘helper’ today?
Did I tie heart strings today?
Did I stop to soak up the precious moments?

Home Management:

Did I look well to the ways of my household?
Did I focus on my God given role as helpmeet, mother and keeper today?
Have I made the very most of every opportunity today?

My passion is to live purposely, making sure I am focused on my priorities.
Check out more ideas at Rocks in My Dryer.


Jane Anne said...

This is such a wonderful post! It is right in line with what's been on my heart this week ( 31 Days of Prayer for Your Child). I have to do this! Thank you.

Jane Anne said...

Oops - the link goes to the right place but I left the wrong words on the tag. The post is called "It's Time". Here's what it should look like: It’s Time

Thanks again!

Wani said...

What a great way to remind yourself of where your priorities should lie. Thanks for sharing this!


This is just what I think I need! I've added one more section for us working Moms:
Did enter work with a smile on my heart?
Did do my job excellently?
Did I do my job with integrity?
Have I held my tongue to gossip today?
Thanks again!