Saturday, January 17, 2009

Simplifying My Mind!

One area I feel I need to simplify this year is my mind! Sounds funny maybe, but I feel the Lord has been speaking to me about my mind and/or my thoughts. See if you can relate at all.

My mind tends to run 90 miles an hour ~ not just on one thought, but many. It leaves me feeling frazzled, unable to focus, short tempered with my family, and even probably affects my health.

A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body... (Pr. 14:30)
There are, of course, many aspects to having a calm mind. I could write volumes on the spiritual application of this, but today I want to share just one practical way, that really is not all that original, but that has greatly helped me.

I have recently started using a half size 3-ring binder in which I write many of my thoughts. It is still evolving, but has really been a blessing. I have so much all in one spot. What goes into your binder will be as unique as you. This is not one of those beautiful elaborate household management binders (more on that in another post) just my mind in a binder :-)

My binder includes:

Priorities of my life (see this post here)

Weekly calender in front:

(this is where I put appointments from main calendar, or plans for the week, to-do ideas, I usually leave it open to this page on the counter)

Section for shopping lists:
Costco, Grocery, health food store, all in their own column
To-do list:
running ideas of things that need to get done that I don't have to keep in my head
To-do section for kids:
Here each child has a column that I can just jot down things I want them to do, this has been HUGE, not having to remember who I told what. And, I don't have to keep them in my head, they also have a place to refer to.
Monthly calendar:
These I use only to keep track of my weekly bread sales, whether or not we had piano and Latin class.

My Rules:
Cannot write any of these things on sticky notes all over house! (I do keep sticky notes in my notebook~old habits die hard!)
I must train myself to write them in the notebook!
All lists must go in the notebook!
Keep it out and open
Make it pretty (I put pretty scrapbook paper in the front, back and sides)

A great and free resource for downloadable 1/2 size forms or full size for that matter can be found at

Now, I still seem to have a half a bazillion thoughts flitting around, but at least it is down by half!
See more ideas to Simplify your life at

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