Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Faithful God

Today was my bread baking day. Due to recent health issues I absolutely was not up to baking. I had about twenty loaves to make today. Tuesdays are also cleaning day, piano day and Hebrew class for the 'bigs'. I cried out to my Father, here is a excerpt from my journal this morning.

"Keep me today, Lord. Bless the work of my hands. Thank You that you bless my bread and my 'kneading trough'. Lord, I am tired and weak. Weak in body, weak in mind and weak in spirit. But, this I know, You alone are my Strength. In my utter weakness, You show Yourself strong. I rest me in You! Be Thou my Strength, my Victory, my Joy, my Hope."

I must shout from the rooftops, my God is so faithful! I was able to make all my bread, plus a batch of hamburg buns and a batch of flat bread. I also had the strength to clean up and keep a joyful heart as I did all this work. Ladies, if you knew how I felt this morning you would know just what a blessing this was. But God, never just giving enough, well, let's just say that my bread probably has never looked and tasted better!


Amanda Sikes said...

Would you share your bread recipes? Especially for the hamburger buns. Thanks! I love to make bread but haven't yet found a recipe that I just love and my family will eat.

Best Life said...

I am with you! I make bread once a week an I know how hard it is to do when you're not feeling well. Praise God! Lisa~

busymomof10 said...

Your bread looks beautiful!!! What a wonderful testimony -- that the Bread of Life enabled you to make your family's bread! How about posting your bread recipe?