Friday, January 30, 2009

Question of the Day #30

Day Thirty
In what area of your life do you most need change, and what will you do about it this year?


busymomof10 said...

I really need to find a better system for managing my home, keeping up with the regular and deeper cleaning, staying on top of the laundry, etc. It seems to be a constant struggle. I think it was easier when everyone was home. Now, with my oldest daughter living here, but teaching full time and going to school, too; my second oldest daughter away at Bible school; and my three oldest sons gone all day at school and basketball practice, it falls to me and the five youngest to keep everything humming along. For some reason, we just don't seem to be keeping up. I need some fresh, new inspiration!!! Right away .. . .

Michelle said...

Oh busymomof10! I can so relate, the Lord seems to be dealing with me in this area too. He has given me lots of wisdom, of course, I need to apply it :) It feels overwhelming at times the magnitude of what needs organized as far as cleaning, deeper cleaning, ect.

If I just cast the whole load on Him and trust Him to help me and follow His leading instead of trying to get it all done, like, YESTERDAY! there is more peace. I can be an all or nothing kind of gal at times.

Maybe we can bounce ideas back and forth, I would love some ideas!

Have you looked up "household management binder" or something like that in google? It did inspire me with some great ideas, but it also overwhelmed me, so don't let it do that to you!

Amanda Sikes said...

I am mother to four under six and I homeschool my oldest. I also find that after a morning full of schooling my house is a mess from the other three children. I need to improve on my organization and scheduling. I just HAVE to find a way to be more effective with my time. Some days I get so overwhelmed that I just spend more time on the computer or other such devices becuase I get to feeling like it won't make a difference anyway. All my work will just have to be repeated tomorrow.
But I also want to (and need to) cut my monthly expenses by almost $100. So, I am in such of any and all ideas on how to do that. I already had cut our food budget to $300 a month and I would like to see that be lower. So, I have a new task at hand that takes even more time.
Thank you so much for your blog. I am learning so much from you as I strive to train my children and run my household as God would have me to. You are so helpful.

Civilla said...

i need to stop listening to satan telling me that i have made a series of errors. i haven't.

Michelle said...

Civilla, I know right where you are at. I am so glad that at least you recognize the lies. I have prayed for you today. You have followed your God, perfectly, probably not, but you have followed and obeyed! You are not responsible for the outcome of life, just responsible to love and serve your God!