Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Works for Me" Moisturizer

In an effort to save money, simplify things and be more natural, I have come up with a very inexpensive moisturizer!

I use a high quality Almond Oil. I know it might seem odd to put oil on your face, but it really works. (I probably have 'normal' skin.)

No more toxic chemicals.

No more $10 to $30 and up moisturizer!

No more various bottles of different kinds of moisturizers!

One bottle, one low price and natural! Can't beat that.

I also use this right after the shower for a body moisturizer.

I recently added lavender oil to it so now I have scented moisturizer.

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Marina Berryman said...

This sounds fantastic. I'm going to try it. My favorite sugar scrub (homemade by my daughter) has almond oil in it and i love it but i never thought of using it as a moisturizer. Thanks for the tip!

O'Brien said...

I use JaJoba oil

Michelle said...

Marina, what else is in your sugar scrub? That sound great.

suzannah said...

i use jojoba oil, for my face and my baby's. love inexpensive, all natural alternatives!

Audra Krell said...

Really great idea. I have combo skin and have been afraid to put oil on it. So glad it works for you and saves some $$$$!

Lynn said...

Where do you get almond oil? It sounds intriguing.

My best frugal moisturizing tip is to take an avocado skin after you've eaten the avocado, and rub the inside all over your hands. Squish your hands together good (they'll be a little greenish :o) then rinse. They feel great afterward.

Michelle said...

Lynn, I get my almond oil from I have gotten from the health food store also. Just try to search for a pure form from a reputable company.

I love the avocado idea,I just recently starting loving avocados! I will do this next time, thanks.

Blue Castle said...

This is great! I like simple, natural alternatives. Thank you for sharing this. :)