Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 Nourishing New Year Resolutions!

Find at least one more 'hot cereal' breakfast that everybody loves!

Come up with at least one FRUGAL nourishing snack that everyone enjoys.
(the ones we love take quite costly ingredients)

Use sprouted seeds at least once a week. I need to work this into our menu plan.

Fine tune our Daily Bread recipe to nourishing traditions. I make tons of bread every week for us and have yet to have GREAT success with soaking it. It is okay, but not GREAT!

Get Cod Liver Oil into my children on a regular basis. (As the Lord provides finances. I take it consistently, but to drop into 8 little mouths everyday is hard to make happen)

Switch over to natural cleaning products and my Costco supply dwindles.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your goals. I am going to look for a new hot cereal to when I go to the health food store tomrrow.

Mama Ant said...

Give the ones who can swallow it a codliver oil capsul! That is what I do. Then my 2 yo starts begging for it so I hand her one to does get into her system, once she bites it, she can't help but swallow some! Cod liver oil is very important for our health!!