Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

My sweet Sarah Grace is almost eight years old. She loves to read mommy's blog. She has been asking me to let her respond to the questions of the day. Initially, I blew her off, which is a very bad habit of mine, but then I asked her which ones. She had put a lot of thought into it and even had the numbers of the ones she wanted to answer written down.

The conversation went like this:

"What is your answer to biggest time waster?"

She said, "playing!"

"Sarah Grace, kids are supposed to play, it's okay to play." I said thinking how cute and almost dismissing her.

She said, "No, I mean playing when I should be doing chores or my quiet time."

"Good one Sarah Grace, good one" the Mama said with conviction beginning to fall on her.

Isn't it something how they seem to get it. It is so simple to them. I have paused frequently since this conversation to ask myself if I am indeed 'playing' instead of doing my 'chores'?

The Lord uses these littles to speak to my heart everyday. This whole thought process goes with the theme of my life lately, "making the most of every opportunity".

Am I 'blogging' instead of mothering?

Reading instead of making dinner?

Putsing instead of teaching school?

Staying up too late so I miss my quiet time?

Or, still having a quiet time when I should be out with the littles. Ouch, that's a good one!

Surely we all could ask ourselves, "Am I "playing instead of doing my chores or my quiet time?"

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Stephanie said...

Isn't amazing how our little ones can get us to stop and evaluate ourselves! This was so adorable to read, and has also had me thinking of the times I play instead of doing what I should be doing. Thank you for this great post!