Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My friend, Kelly, from Generation Cedar has hit the nail on the head yet again.  Please read and share and repent.  If you have questions about some of the points she makes, please seek out Godly counsel (which may not be in your church) for answers.  Don’t just shove this under the rug because it pricks your heart.  Please.

On Mother’s Day, Abortion, & the Church’s Part

This approaching Mother’s Day  has brought about such mixed emotions. I read, with belly full of squirming life, the horrific details of the Gosnell trial in front of us, and am painfully aware that the abortion industry knows no bounds, and is becoming a bloodier and more murderous force, cloaking its audacity with “compassion for women”, all the while slaughtering them.  (Click here to read the rest . . . amazing!)