Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Woman I Know

There’s this woman I know.  You would love to meet her too, I know you would.  She really is like no one else I know.

You see, if you knew the pain she has been through, the heartache she still carries, you would not expect her to love so unconditionally and deeply.  Some women with that kind of pain become bitter and hurt others.  Not her.

If you knew the losses she has experienced you wouldn’t expect her to give so freely.  I mean, ‘give you the shirt of her back’, kind of giving.  Women who have lost that much can often times hold on to what they have with a fervency like no other.  Not her.

If you knew the betrayal she has lived through you wouldn’t expect her to forgive and trust with wild abandon. Women who have been through that kind of betrayal tend to refuse to forgive and never trust. Not her.

If you knew the mistakes she has made you wouldn’t expect her to say, ‘yes, you are right, I did that, I am sorry.’  You might expect her to make excuses, to defend and blame.  Not her.

This woman, she loves, I mean, really, really loves.  She loves when her daughter gets pregnant out of wedlock.  She takes her in, loves on her, does everything she can to take away the shame.  Even when that daughter turned her back on her just a few years earlier.

This woman, she prays and prays.  She is there for her daughter for anything she has EVER needed.  Even when that daughter has no clue what a treasure her mother is. 

This woman, she has babysat countless times.  She has sent her daughter and husband away on weekends and honeymoons and stayed with the children.  Often times, she paid for the time way too.

This woman, she loves her grandkids with a fierce kind of love.  I mean fierce!  Not the, ‘oh, look at pictures of my grandkids’, kind of love.  No, I mean the chase them around the house, tickle them, play cards and color with them, make ice cream floats with them, kind of love.

This woman was born 70 years ago today.  She is a treasure, I’m telling you, you would LOVE to meet her.  I’ve known her my whole life.  You see, nearly 47 years ago she became my mom. 

Let me introduce you to Norma Jean, my mom.


Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you so much and am so proud of who you are.  Thank you for loving me.