Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Time for God

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed. (Mark 1:35)

I understand full well that we are all in different seasons and no one way fits all. I have been pregnant thirteen times, on mega doses of progesterone, stuggled with health issues, had sick children, ect. So, I understand where some of you may be in life, and I am just sharing my heart, my own experience and my own opinion. Please, mamas don't need any more heaped on them, that is not what I intend with the following.

I personally have found and believe that a morning quiet time is so precious, special and ideal. I know of others who do not share this opinion, but I really do believe it is best.

Define and determine Early Morning:
  • You must go to bed early enough to get sufficient sleep!
  • T.V is a 'time with God robber', I believe. (though I do watch it a couple of nights a week with my dear husband ;-)
  • Rise as early as you have to, meaning, a good half hour to an hour before the littles rise. If you have to take a nap to compensate for the sleep loss, I have found it so worth the trade off.
  • Schedule it in and make it happen by the grace of God!
  • Ask your dear husband to help you, wake you, encourage you or whatever he can, just let him know you could use his help. Sometimes just humbling ourselves enough to ask is all it takes.

Define your space:

I love this one. I know it might not be possible for everyone; mine has evolved over the years. I just love my quiet time area. I have:

  • a very small table,
  • a special chair,
  • a lamp
  • baskets of goodies (Hebrew/Greek word dictionaries, concordances and the like)
  • my journal and bible
  • my favorite devotionals, (Streams in the Desert, Springs in the Valley currently)
  • oh, and a candle for those really special times.
I loved what I read in Stephanie's post about "experiencing beautiful intimacy with God and simply enjoying and having opportunity to praise and glorify Him" This has by far been the most precious to me. I simply cannot imagine going through this life without this precious time with my Father. I shared in another post about how He is waiting for you, maybe you would enjoy that.


Amy said...

Your quiet space sounds wonderful! We were just talking about creating an area like that at my Bible study group at church, and I really didn't think it was practical in my home. But... your description of your area sounds so inviting. Now you've got me thinking again about this-- thanks for sharing!

My LSS post is HERE if you'd like to stop by. :)

busymomof10 said...

Another great post! Very practical and very encouraging! I love all the wisdom and grace that oozes from all of your precious posts! Thank you for sharing my dear friend!