Sunday, January 11, 2009


"You find out what your priorities are by what you spend your time doing"

Yikes! That is frightening to me because I can say that my husband, my children and my home are my priorities, but do my actions show it? A lot of the time I don't think they do.

I realized lately that I try and try to do what 'I' think needs to be done in a day, yet go to bed feeling like somehow I missed it. I get so caught up in the little things that I miss my big three! (wife, mother, keeper of the home)

I have been attempting to simplify and organize many areas of my life. I will share some of the practical things I feel the Lord has led me to in future posts.

Today I would like to share with you my Weekly Check List.

I asked the Lord what my priorites are. The top three areas I feel He gave me are: Spiritual, Relationships and Home Management. The plan is to get with God and seek Him for my 'to-do' list in these areas.

I have these printed up on pretty paper and keep them in my little 'home management' journal. (more on that in future post)

Make the very most of every opportunity, for the days are evil.


What should be my focus this week?
What sins am I letting slide?


Brian: How can I serve and encourage him this week?
What specifically should I pray for him?

Children: What specific ways can I sow into each child’s heart?

Monday: Josiah
Tuesday: Victoria
Wednesday: Isabella
Thursday: Sarah Grace
Friday: Isaiah

The Boys?
Matthew and Danniel?

Home Managing:
What items from my to-do list should I work on this week?
What should be my focus?

My hope and prayer is that each week, as I sit before the Lord, listening for His orders, (then of course obeying them ;) that my priorities will be where they need to be.

Next time, my Nightly Accountability Checklist.

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