Sunday, March 1, 2009

Instruction For Mr. Linky

  1. Publish your 'intro/party' post (where you welcome and tell who you are

  2. Click on the title of your 'intro/party' post

  3. Click on the address bar of your web browser (this will highlight it)(this also is the URL for your post)

  4. Right click on the highlighted URL and choose 'copy'

  5. Come over to She Looketh Well

  6. Paste your link into the second box of Mr. Linky

  7. Fill your name in the top box

  8. Click the enter button

That is it! I hope this is clear. Do Not add your homepage, you must click on the link to your 'intro/party' post as I have outlined. When the ladies start arriving this is the first thing they will see, you want them to be sure they are in the right spot! If you mistakenly post your homepage I will let you know and help your change it. Only those who link up are eligible for the Grand Prize Give Away!

Please don't feel bad if this is confusing, I only get it because I have two older boys who walk me through it! ;-)


Civilla said...

I will try. My younger son is away for spring break and cannot walk me through this. I am on my own.

Deanna said...

Hi Michelle!
I am that OLDER WOMAN that doesn't know how to type or use computers...ouch. Learning.
This will be such fun when I figure this out!
I'm trying to walk through this Blog Party stuff.
My husband will help me get through this sometime today so I have the Blog Party Button on my Blog.
My name Deanna does go to my blog and when the button is placed on it, all the better.
Getting ready to type up an introduction.
Nice to meet you,

Cynthia said...


I did exactly what you said not to do, linked to my homepage. Sorry. Can you delete and I'll start over?

Michelle said...

No problem, already deleted. You may try again. Thank you

Brazen Hussey's said...


My husband, who always laughs that I never read instructions, did not read the instructions. :) Can you please delete us and I, who for once read the directions, will try again. Thanks!!