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Wednesday's Blog Party Post. . . . .Motherhood!

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Today's Topic is Motherhood
This is probably my favorite subject to write about. It is also probably my greatest area of struggle.
All mothers love their children, but not all mothers love motherhood!
"This is the secret for liberating us into the fulfillment of motherhood. It is only when we receive the revelation that God has created us for this task and that this is our destiny that we will walk in the power and anointing of motherhood. It is only when we embrace motherhood with all our hearts that we will truly enjoy it. Even though we devotedly love our children, if we do not wholeheartedly accept the role of mothering, we will never experience the true glory of motherhood. . .God wants us to not only love our children, but to totally love and embrace the high calling of motherhood which He has given us as a divine charge."
(Taken from the Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell)
This quote changed my whole perspective on motherhood and totally altered my mothering. It took this revelation from God for me to really embracing this calling. I finally understood that this wasn't something I do or am, it is exactly what I was created for! When you get a grasp of something that big, it reforms you to the core! I was actually created for this purpose!
My heart had changed, but there is still the struggle to go my own way, to get distracted, and to lose sight of this grand vision. As I embrace this divine calling I need to renew my mind and change my attitude. I started thanking God for the privilege of being a mother everyday. I began to speak out loud to my children "I love being your mama". "I am a joyful mama" I recently wrote about a little journal I have with what I call my "Mama Truths"
I see so many women taking this role for granted, (as I did) even despising it. They hurt and are confused because they love their children yet don't really love motherhood. My heart aches for them. Most were not raised with the mindset of cherishing and loving this precious gift.
My passion is to encourage all Mamas this "being a Mama" is what they were created for. It is the highest and most honorable thing they could do. It is not second rate or a ball and chain keeping you from doing something more important. It is the greatest career in the world. Motherhood affects eternity!
Recommended Resources
**Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell**
Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley
Hints on Child Training by H. Clay Trumbull
**Raising Godly Tomatoes by L. Elizabeth Krueger**
(you may purchase this book
or read on line at Raising Godly Tomatoes)
**I wish more than anything I had read these before I even had children, or at least when they were little. Both of them are amazing!
Today's question and opportunity to win a mini give-away is:
How many children do you have?
(or if are single or w/o children, how many does your heart desire?)
What do you love most about being a mom?
Must answer by midnight tonight.
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busymomof10 said...

My husband and I did not enter into marriage wanting a large family, but the Lord had His plans for us!! :) He changed our hearts and gave us the faith to trust him to be our "birth controller!" Thus, we have ten beautiful children here on earth, and a couple in heaven that we lost through miscarriage. I love being a mother -- most of the time! We all have our days! ;) And there are those times when I've threatened to change my name to anything but MOM!!!! :) This is a topic near and dear to my heart, and I'm working on a post about motherhood for my blog. I woke up in the night thinking about it, so just as soon as I have time to get my thoughts typed in, I will be posting a mega post!!!! ;) So, be sure to check out my blog later today!!

Deb said...

We have 2 children--well teenagers now. Their journey here was nothing short of God awesome!!
I just love being a Mom...even on the tough days. It took us so long to get pregnant and then facing the possiblity of losing both of them....For me though, I believe the thing I love most about motherhood would be the hugs and "Mom, I love you"....does it get any more rewarding than that??

Lady Jen said...

I have three beautiful children. I love so many things about being a mom but one of my favorites is watching them learn. I usually step back and see them do it on their own. It's so exciting!

Deanna said...

Dearest Michelle,
Thank you Dear Lady for hosting the TITUS 2 Blog Party!!!!
This is such a great thing you have going on here.
So much fun with a encouraging reason.

MOTHERHOOD is a great adventure and an awesome way to learn about God and life.

My three children are grown.
My 2 sons are presently married. My oldest has 2 children and another on the way(October).
My daughter recently went through a much unwanted divorce. She has a daughter.

Life is ever changing and the challenges are placed before us. I have to have God in my life! Have to. I desire Him in all areas.

God richly Bless you and guide you.
You have a beautiful platform to stand uprightly on.

Deanna from the Kansas Flinthills

Josh and Kelly said...

I have two precious boys who adore their mama! And I love being their mama! I love watching them learn to play together- seeing their minds work and figure this world out- and learn to make their own fun. But best of all I love hearing their baby voices praying to Jesus- seeing chubby hands folded in prayer.

Dani said...

I have two children a son who is 4 and a daughter who is 2. I am expecting number 3 in August. DH and I entered into marriage wanting at least 4 and for me with each kid born I have the heart to want more and more. DH is not fully on board, but I think open to the idea of more than 4. I am just praying that God will lead us to do what he would like for us to do.

I love how my children have taught me so much about myself, the good and the bad. They truly are a blessing from our Lord.

Buildeth Her House said...

We have seven blessings from Him. We are actually thinking of adopting a little boy. Our hearts are drawn to more children, so I know that the Lord will provide a way for more.

I love being a mom because of all the fun, kisses, hugs and homemade gifts. Most important is the impact I can have toward raising a future generation learning to serve Christ.

Amanda Sikes said...

WOW! This is one of my favorite topics. This party is making my week so enjoyable. I "run" through my daily work just so I can type up my post.
I have four children six and under and I desire more. My husband and I leave our family size to God and He will give us as many as He wills.
I love being home with my children. I love teaching them, singing with them, and playing with them. But my favorite times are spent with them in quiet conversation. Sometimes it is about my grandparents that past on, sometimes it is about the Bible and how God has called us to live or about being in a family. God has laid it heavy on my heart to raise Titus 2 woman and I try to pour into my daughters to train them in this area. I also desire for my son to be a Godly man.

One thing echos through my mind over and over...

Mothering take TIME and Energy. If we are not tired at the end of the day, we probably didn't mother right.

I will be posting in a bit about this topic. So stop by and read more of my thoughts this afternoon.

jamers said...

Those are fun questions to consider and easy to answer again. I have two children in my home, both daughters: "Doodle" age 11 and "Bean" age 8. Then, I also have twin girls, who live in Romania, which call me mom: V & G, age 20!

What I love most about being a mom is the gift of motherhood itself. I guess in biblical terms, I would be considered the "barren woman". God created me in such a way that I have never been able to be blessed with a pregnancy. I am, howeve,r a woman blessed by other women who loved their babies enough to choose life and find a good home for them. Praise God! So, I became a mommy when I never should have had that chance.

I try to take in all the fun stuff the girls bring into my life and truly that is a blessing. However, being a mom, I have learned that some of the best times are in the storms, or right after it rains per se. I adore the times we cuddle after a time out or consequence is given. I cherish those snuggles in bed when someone has had a nightmare or is feeling icky. (okay, must admit only when it is few and far between...I like my sleep) I hold close to my heart the talks we have about Jesus and people we love after going to funerals or visiting people in nursing homes. Those little moments that seem to just go by so quickly are the ones I think I would miss.

I so enjoy watching my oldest daugther dance in her praise dance team. It brings joy to my heart seeing her use her talents to honor God. I also love watching my younger daughter shine in her ability to care for others. Again using the talent God has given to bring Him glory. I think it is amazing that God placed these children in my home and trusted me to bring them "home". So as I sit here rambling like a crazed mommy, I guess truly the best thing about being a mom is finally understanding in a small way, just how much God loves us and is willing to move the mountians in our life or shelter us in the storms or hold us in the calm so we can always find our way back home. Being a mom, or parent, is a sacrificial kind of love that you can not explain until you have experienced it and God knew that would show us the same kind of sacrificial love he exhibited at the cross for us at a much lesser degree for most of us.

Wendy said...

I have three children DD 24, DS 22 & DS 20. (and also 2 grandsons and a granddaughter on the way!)

I have been thinking of the question for over an hour. What did/do I love most about mothering. Now that they are grown I can't seem to narrow it down. I just loved it all period.

I will say though, that I feel so blessed to have been able to stay at home with them. We lived on a very low income but my husband knew how important it was to me so never forced me to work. Because of that I don't have any real regrets. I do have one though and I hope some of you learn from it.

One spring my kids came in and excitedly told me of all the flowers blooming in the woods across the field (really just a stand of trees but it was the woods to them) And how pretty it was, how I would love it. They wanted me to go see them. Well I did not go, told them I was too busy or something. I have no idea what was so important at that moment. Something earth shattering like dishes! Well every spring I now look over there and so wish I had taken the time to go with them. Instead of it being a sad memory it would have been a great one. The time they are little and with you is so short, go smell the flowers!

hip chick said...

My husband and I have 5 children between us. However we have none that belong to both of us.
I have two from a previous marriage
He has two from a previous marriage
He is step-father to one who shares a mother with his other two.
The important thing to remember is though it isn't always easy, we are all one family.
My favorite part about being a mother is the love. There is no other love like that which you have for a child. And, in being a step-mother I have learned so much. I always wanted a big family and now I have one. I wouldn't trade our crazy mixed up family for anything.

Gombojav Tribe said...

We have six far! Their ages are 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, and 2 months! We are blessed, blessed, blessed!

What I love most about being a mother is when my children lead me. ("And a little child shall lead them....") They have taught me so much about God and what kind of parent He is. They have taught me forgiveness and grace. They have taught me to laugh and how to move on.

Michelle said...

Rosie has been unable to post for some reason, for which I am so sorry so I am putting her comment up!

Before I had children I didn't like babysitting and hated working in the
church nursery. I worried I wouldn't like being a mother. The exact
opposite is true.

Although it's hard sometimes, I love being around my children and doing
all kinds of things together. I have 9, all still at home. I get a lump
in my stomach when I think they're growing up so fast and someday won't be
here. I like having all the "ages" around me 2 through 19.

My oldest daughter tells me "Don't worry, Mom. With as many of us as
their are, you can probably have a different grandchild visit every day

Civilla said...

I have 2 children, boys, 21 and 19. I have an empty nest now, and I am miserable. Trying to re-invent myself: what do I do now? No grandchildren yet; the boys do not have girlfriends even.

What I liked best about being a mom was the physical acts of taking care of them: doing their laundry, bathing them, packing their lunches; seeing that their needs were met; taking up their causes; feeding them; buying them fun things as well as necessities. I was good at that. I like taking care of people and seeing that their needs are met.

When they went off to college (only 28 miles away -- they came/come home on weekends) I BEGGED them to let me continue to do their laundry for them. I missed that more than anything. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Miss Paula has four children;
two sons 24,22
two daughters 20, 18
one DIL, 22
one new grandson 6 days

I love my children and it blesses my heart when they call or say I love you mommy! Still at their ages they call me mommy!!

I loved watching them grow and learn and now as adults I still love this!! Such blessings!

AnneMarie said...

Oh, Michelle, what a blessing your blog is! And thank you so much for visiting mine. Yes, hurts in life make us so much more tender to what we see later on down the road, more sensitive to those around us. The Lord truly molds and makes us what He needs us to be. I am really encouraged by your blog and especially your posts about parenting. I feel I have so much love to give, yet I feel I forget that as soon as my temper edges in. Your post is like a balm to me, and just what I needed today. :) Thanks, girl. xo

Kelly said...

Thanks for hosting this party. I love being encouraged in the Lord by other Godly women. I have one great girl. What I love most about being a mother is....everything. Even the sometimes bad behavior! I love teaching the Truth to her that I never learned as a kid. But the very best, for me, is to see her growing and very close relationship with The Lord. I love the anticipation I feel knowing she has started so young with God, and wondering about His future through her. That would be my absolute favorite.

Lainie said...

I'm humbled that God has blessed me with eight children (4 girls, 4 boys) that we are trying to raise for His glory. I love being home with them all and eavesdropping on their adorable conversations over Legos, crayons, and (right now) at the kitchen sink!

Tina said...

I have four wonderful daughters. I love being a mom!!! I remember telling my grandmother (when my oldest two were just toddler/baby age) that, just as Jesus told us His burden is light, so it is when we're doing what He made us to do. I knew then (and now) that God made me to be a mom. This is His plan for my life and I love it. I looked forward to it all my life and am so thankful for this ministry. (This does not mean that I'm always good at it - I have my days when I get tired and frustrated. I have had times when one of my children have told me that "I'm mean" and I respond that I can show them mean.) But I am always thankful for these wonderful blessings and so grateful that God has blessed our family with them and allowed me the priveledge of being their mom.
Thanks for your sweet, encouraging blog and this blog party.
In His love,

Civilla said...

Yes, when I would feel worn out from all the physical stuff (we lived in England in a small apartment, where things are not as convenient as they are here -- including the only bathroom being upstairs!) I would remember the passage in Proverbs 31. which said, "...her arms are strong for her tasks," and that would give me strength to go on (that, and smelling the tops of my boys' heads!).

Auntie M's Universe said...

This is Auntie M and I have one daughter. I had a strong desire to have a child after my husband and I got married and after that my desire was gone. People ask me why I don't want another child and my answer is always the same. I have no desire at this time to have another. I am busy fulfilling the purpose He has in my life at this moment. If He ever changes that purpose then He will put a desire in me until then I will enjoy what He has given me and will accomplish it wholeheartedly.
Though I have only 1 biological child God has seen fit from time to time to put other children in my path who need a mother figure in their lives for a time and I eagerly accept each one. I have had the priviledge of working with a few boys in the public school system who were being swept under the rug. I came into their lives and expected greater things from each of them and was never dissapointed. He has currently put a boy in my path who just needs a mother's hug from time to time seeing as how his mother has left him. I treasure each moment God gives me with each of these (my) children. He puts me in their lives to make a difference and I look forward to meeting each of them in Heaven to hear of their great works for His glory.
My own daughter is a force to be reckoned with. A beautiful child inside and out. God is nothing but real to her and He always has been. She is now 12yrs old and I have seen her weeping for friends whom she believes are ruining their lives or are turning away from God. She has led four of her friends to the Lord. She respects those around her who live Godly lives and live out their testimonies. I am constantly amazed by her. I thank God that He has given me such a priceless treasure here on earth as this person whom I am priviledged to call my daughter.
I love being a mom because it connects me to another person in a way that nothing else does. I also consider it an honor that God trusts me enough to train this person up in the way he/she should go. Each person is put here for a specific purpose and my job is to see that purpose through God's eyes and train them as best as I possibly can all the while asking for His wisdom to do so. We are in a battle and We are training soldiers to go out and rescue those who have been taken captive by the enemy. WhooAhhh!!!!
Thanks for this opportunity to connect with others and express the wonderful blessings God has given me as well as the random thoughts that bounce around in my brain.

Auntie M

CristyLynn said...

We have one son here with us, and one child in heaven.
Growing up I had always wanted to be a mommy. During our engagement my husband and I talked about having lots of kids. When we were first married, I enjoyed married life so much, that I wanted to delay kids, while my husband was ready right away! I was surprised by my lack of desire!
It didn't take too long before God changed my heart, and we were blessed with our Little Man!
My favorite part of being a mom? Every day I get to love my child, and if I could write a book, I couldn't fit all that that means in one volume. I am given the privilege of teaching Isaiah about our amazing God. I hope to do a better job every day by loving God more each day and following His will. When I stop and think about what God has called me to do, I can't believe how much fun I get to have every day! This is what He created me to do, and I love it! I pray that God will grant us many more children, and that He will continue to sanctify me to be the godly mother that I want to be.

Christie said...

God's given us three little blessings so far!

I think my favorite part of being a mommy is that I get the blessing and joy to have a constant view into my little ones lives. I'm able to be with them all the time, to learn what is in their hearts and what is important to them. I also have been so humbled to realize that God uses mothers as tools to shape the minds and hearts of the next generation! What a hugely important task!!

I love the books you mentioned... though I haven't read the Power of Motherhood. I'll have to find a copy! Another parenting book that I've really enjoyed and found to be helpful is Shepherding a Child's Heart

Michelle said...

Okay ladies, I am so inspired and in awe of all you Mama's hearts! Thank you so much for all you shared here and on your own blogs. This has been such a blessing to me and even more so when I hear of other lives being touched.

You all are so awesome! Isn't is amazing how reading about someone else's heart actually fans the flame in your own heart? Well that is what has happened to me today. The party has kept me very busy and distracted (both dear husband and children expected this and are fine with it, and I am thrilled to do it) so reading all these just makes me want to scoop them all up and kiss them all! Thank you.

Amazed and Dazzled by Jesus,

Anonymous said...

Hello, everyone, I'm sorry I've missed the last few days! I have five children and I never really had any outside-the-home career goals - I always wanted to be a wife and a mother! What I love most about being a mom is my children! I love listening to their laughter, their chatter, their screams of delight. I love to watch them play together, I LOVE seeing how they're growing. I love the fact that they want to please God - I love that they teach ME new things about God. I love watching them grow spiritually and emotionally and physically. I love knowing that they have a fresh start - they have no pre-conceived notions about God, and that as they get older, they'll be able to offer a fresh look into scripture that I may have never seen before. I pray that I'm able to be open to THEIR influence just as they are open to mine.

KAlexaLott said...

- How many children do you have?
(or if are single or w/o children, how many does your heart desire?)

My husband and I have two daughters, Jenny Junco (15) and Little Chickadee (9). Jenny Junco is my step-daughter, although we don't use that word in our home. I guess the only way it would seem an acceptable lable would be that the first time I met her she stepped right into my heart!

What do you love most about being a mom?

Wow, that's a tough one because I love everything about being a mom! It's all I ever wanted to be!

Unfortunately I grew up in home where "mama ruled" and daddy was a lone figure on the Lazy-Boy horizon worn down by years of nagging and battling for control. She didn't invent the model however, she was just another link in the chain and subsequently for many years, so was I. It wasn't until I began to fully surrender every part of my heart and my life to Jesus Christ that I began to clearly see that God's design for a wife and mother was completely different than what I had been raised and influenced to believe.

I don't know why God chose me, but I do know that the strongholds of dominance and control have deep roots in my family, but by His grace and by His power I am tearing them down. Because of Him, for the first time in generations my daughters are growing up in a house with a mother who willingly and lovingly submits to the authority of her husband. Who loves her role as a wife and mother, and who values and upholds God's original and eternal design for women in the home. There are those, even among my family, who say I am "old fashioned" and my answer to them is that God's word is the same yesterday, today and forever. God's word and His design for the family never go "out of date" and I believe with all of my heart that as we seek Him with our WHOLE heart and surrender ourselves to His bigger and greater purpose and plan for our lives that He will provide for our families.

So, I guess in answer to this question my favorite part of being of mother is allowing God to unfold "motherwood" in my heart and in my life. The way that He has and continues to change me and draw me closer to Him and subsequently to my husband and my children. As I open myself up and allow Him to transform me, He fulfills His greater purpose and plan for my life. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in this role I am dead center in the middle of His perfect will, and let me just say, there's just no better place to be!

Cynthia said...

Great topic! I have the two most amazing boys in the world. Being a mom is a challenging and wonderful job and I love it (most days). There are two things I really love. I love to see those big brown eyes when they say "I love you mom." I also love when we've read or discussed something, (especially scripture) and they really get it. I learn a lot from my boys.

Mrs. Rabe said...

I love the relationships that I have with all my children. I love watching them grow not just physically but spiritually as well.

Muthering Heights said...

I have two precious girls, ages 2 and 1, and one more blessing on the way! As you can see, I'm receiving my blessings in rapid succession, LOL!

Muthering Heights said...

...oops, I hit "post" too quickly! My favorite thing about mothering is learning about my children's personalities, and really exploring the little people God has sent to me to raise. They are so different, and so amazing!

Buildeth Her House said...

Here is a post from my site about motherhood..

Mrs.B said...

How many children do you have? 8 here on earth and 3 in heaven

What do you love most about being a mom?

Seeing my children grow in the Lord. And the times my children look at me and say I am their best friend!

Nancy said...

We have three children: a 15 yr old boy, a 13 yr old girl, and a 7 yr old boy. We are SO, SO blessed! I'm sorry but I can't limit myself to just one thing. I love watching them interacting with their dad. I've learned so much about the depth of my heavenly Father's love for me from my children. I love seeing them light up when they suddenly comprehend something. I love to hear their laughter. And when I get to see one of them serve one of the others with no other motivation than love, it's an indescribable feeling. OK, I'll stop now. Oh, and the sweet hugs, can't forget the hugs.

For Their Future said...

We have two little girls so far! I pray that God blesses us with as many as He sees fit! Children are a blessing! I have 6 siblings and was the second oldest. Large families are so beautiful and fun to grow up in! In one of Nancy Campbell's Above Rubies magazines, someone wrote "The best gift you can give your children is a baby"! How true this is!
Praise the Lord for your children! Pray for your children! Pray with your children!
Besides Nancy Campbell's books and magazine, I have found Elizabeth George's books like "A Woman's High Calling" to be a wonderful encouragement and sooo helpful!
I love to snuggle with my children and exchange words of love with them! They bring joy to my heart to see them learn and grow and enjoy life! I enjoy spending my days with my children and doing things with them and letting them help me do things! They enjoy being a part of what we do!
God bless you in your high calling as a mother!