Monday, March 16, 2009

What if being a mama is enough?

I have often heard it said "I am looking forward to the day when I can really minister or follow my dreams" or "this ‘mothering’ is just for a season..."

It is one thing to be willing to lay down all your hopes and desires for being a mama, believing that the Lord will bring them about someday. It is quite another, I am finding, to fully embrace being a mama.

Laying down your little box of desires to hopefully pick them up again certainly is a worthy and admirable thing, and definitely a great step. But what about not just packing them away in a pretty little box, pining away for what could have been and might yet be?

What if you actually totally let them go and completely and fully embrace your calling of being a mama?

What if you actually get to the place where you are no longer with one hand embracing being a mama and with the other holding your box of dreams?

What if you grab hold of being a mama with both hands because you now realize that being a mama is exactly what you were created to be?
What if the very thing you were willing to do until your real dreams come true is actually your true box of dreams?!

What if you get to the place where being a mama is all your dreams come true?

No more divided heart. Nothing, not even all those hopes, dreams and aspirations in that pretty little box could fulfill your hearts desires, because now you are doing and being exactly what you were created for.

What if this is true? I know this sounds a bit bizarre in this day and age. Even pretty out there for the church.

Oh for the revelation to all mamas of the unbelievable and undeniable beauty and wisdom in God's plan for them. What if we get to the place where we finally get that this, this calling of mamahood is more than we could have ever hoped or dreamed for?
Then our hearts will have great peace and great joy and complete fulfillment.

Where do you find your heart?
  • Not at all realizing the beauty of being a mama?
  • Holding tightly to your pretty little box of dreams?
  • Frustrated because you feel you are not using your gifts?
  • Unable to really minister because you are stuck at home? Looking forward to the day when you can finally really serve? Finally get to do all the things you want to do?
  • Is your heart divided between being a mama and real fulfillment?
  • Are you longing to feel joy, peace and contentment?
  • Or, are you fully reveling in the beauty and wisdom of God in being a mama?

    I have to admit after twenty-one years of being a mama I think I am just now entering into the revelation of the awesomeness of this calling. I still teeter back and forth at times, but I think I might actually be getting it. I praise God for His patience and long suffering towards my willful and rebellious heart. I praise and thank Him for this work that He, and He alone, has brought about. If there is any fruit, and beauty, it is because of Him.

Don't let this discourage you or condemn you. We are all somewhere on this spectrum, and wherever we are is by God's perfect will. Rest in that and know He will bring you to that place where you find complete fulfillment, complete joy, and peace in His perfect will for your life.

He loves you with an everlasting love. He has called you and He will gently lead you. He truly does give you the desires of your heart.

So, what if you lay down your pretty little box and embrace being a mama with both hands?

Maybe you have already, praise God. Then shout if from the rooftops. Encourage another mama in a world that says there is very little value in being a mama.


Amanda Sikes said...

Thank you for the reminder that being a mama is "enough". This world tells us that we should have hobbies and mama's time alone and that we are entitled to all of these things. I got to the place last year that I packed away all of my "hoobies". The scrapbooking and crocheting were put in the closet for this season. I felt so much more freedom to be a mom once this step was taken.
I know that there will be a season that I will be able to curl up on the couch and crochet or read every evening if I so choose. But for now, I am a mom of littles and they NEED me. They don't need any more blankets or a fancy scrapbook to look at.
Being a mama is a full time calling and the greatest ministry that we can be given. With my husband pastoring I used to pour my energy into the church, to the detriment of my children and home. God showed me that the greatest ministry I have is here at home. And I can show other mom's that by ministrying to my children without bitterness or harshness.
Thank you for "helping" us young mama's stay focused on what is important.

Connie said...

Wonderful thoughts. The American culture is very down on good moms. In fact, I saw the title of an article which was complaining that the modern grandmother did not want to take time for the grandchildren and they were wondering why. When they are taught not to care for their own children, why would they care for grandchildren?

Our Christian principles are still good and work in every culture! Motherhood is a priceless role.

Michelle said...

WooHoo! Amanda, you go girl. Great comment and encouragement. I just wanted to let you know that more than likely when you least expect it the Lord will bring some of your 'hobbies' back into your life. And when He does, it feels like such a treat. There was a time when I made soy candles like crazy and it felt like such a gift from God to be able to do it. Or even this blog, I fully realize that it is a privilege to get to do this with my time and that He could close the door at any moment. So I cherish the extras I get to do.

Connie, what great insight about grandmothers. I never thought of that, but it is so true! We are blessed because my mom would trade everything to be with us and her grandchildren, but that is not the norm, sad to say. My husband and I pray that we are different, we don't want to long to travel or finally get to live life as some say, we want to sow into our grandchildren, Lord willing. Thank you for sharing that perspective!

Trusting in Jesus,

Buildeth Her House said...

I really feel in my heart that being a "momma" is a ministry. It is the ministry from which other ministries are born. I feel that I'm doing God's will for my life by accepting my calling as a mom. God knows that a mother is an important role for the family. We minister daily with all the ins and outs of our household. Ministry starts at home!!! I also believe you can realize your dreams while doing so. I graduated from school with seven children. You just have to have focus and prioritize. Your home comes first, second only to time with the Lord. With the Lord, ALL things are possible.

momstheword said...

What a great post. We moms need to remember what an awesome blessing it is to raise precious children for the Lord.

When I quit my job some people could not believe that I would give that up to stay home and change diapers. A couple of people said that I was making a mistake.

I responded that how could it be a mistake to want to be with my child. I did not give birth to them to hand them over for someone else to take care of all day.

No matter how wonderful your childcare is, they aren't you. They won't do exactly what you would do in a circumstance, they won't make exactly the same decision you would, and they won't say exactly what you would say.

We made sacrifices and I was blessed to be able to be home. I have never regretted it. Some people make the sacrifice of having to return to work and their hearts are broken as they long to be home.

Tina said...

Wonderful post - well said. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of where God has called many of us and the true blessing and opportunity He provides us.
In His love,

Linda said...

I enjoyed your post too.

The Black Family said...

Great post! When I was a young mohter, I would drift back and forth, between wanting to be with the children and thinking I needed to things outside the home to be somebody or that I was making a difference in the worl.

It took me a long time to relize, this was my ministry, this was what I was called to do. For such a time as this!

Want to also thank you for your comments to my blog back in Feb. I enjoy reading your blog when I get the time to do so! Time seems to slip away from me alot lately!

Also btw..I enjoy my bosch!

Thanks for sharing this!

busymomof10 said...

What a lovely post, Michelle! I love hearing your heart! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us! It is a great reminder for all moms, young and old! I find that I am growing a bit weary with homeschooling and need to turn my heart back toward that calling, especially with believing that the true essence of home education is discipleship. We have a great privilege and responsibility to disciple the little lives entrusted to us!!

Many blessings,

AnneMarie said...

What about in my case Michelle?
I have kept children for two years to supplement our income while my husband was an apprentice. He is done in less than two months. However, with the economy, he will not receive the full raise he was supposed to, nor will he receive a company vehicle. I am closing my in home daycare in June, that's been the plan for months, and all but one child are leaving. My niece and nephew are supposed to be staying but can't be relied on because their mom is losing her job 4-15 and has yet to replace her job. Even as I write this I know the main thing is to put my trust in the Lord working it all out........keeping children has kept us okay for two years, but I was letting that go to have more time with my son....I don't want to keep children anymore and have been working on a side biz for a couple of years. Now that it's time to put it out there, to put all my stuff out there I feel lost. I never have time to finish everything. Sorry to be so long here, but what do I do? I am struggling a little with faith that things will be okay in June, but there is also the harsh reality that we put ourselves in a place years ago that required two incomes. Your post pierced my heart today but I just don't know what to do! Help? Advice? I feel so distraught.

Michelle said...

Oh AnneMarie, I am sorry if my post caused you heartache, that was not my intention. I think we as moms carry so much guilt and condemnation sometimes that I don’t ever want to be a part of putting that on another mom.

My post was to encourage our hearts to not chase after the world’s idea of success or the church’s idea of ministry. Your heart seems to be at home already. There is nothing wrong with doing daycare!!

It sounds like the Lord has you in a place where you are going to need to trust Him all the more. Times like this are so hard, but I promise you He is faithful, He will provide and He will lead! God might just be calling you to re-prioritize your life. If you don’t have time for everything, then find out from Him what you are supposed to be doing. I know for me when I am feeling overwhelmed and my list of things ‘I think’ I need to do aren’t getting done, it’s usually because I am trying to do something I am not supposed to be doing. I tend to take on all ‘I think’ I need to do, they might be worthy and noble things, but if they are not from Him then I should not be doing them. Make sense?

Seek Him, let Him comfort you and lead you, He surely will! I am praying for you right now, AnneMarie, He is so faithful! Where He guides He provides! You can trust that. If He has led you to close your daycare, you MUST trust that He will provide! Even when we think we ‘miss’ it or put ourselves in a bad situation it is not surprise to Him and He will use it to mold and make us into His image and He is even sovereign in our foolish choices. Rest, dear sister, rest!

‘For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In returning to Me and resting in Me you shall be saved; in quietness and in trusting confidence shall be your strength.’
(Is 30:15)

AnneMarie, I don’t know if this helps at all, please feel free to email me if you want or respond back here. Let me know if there is anything else I can encourage you on.

May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope. (Romans 15:13)

AnneMarie said...

Thanks so much girl! Your post didn't cause me heartache, it convicted me! I'll email you so I'm not tangling up your comments! :)

Michelle said...

Oh good! Look forward to hearing from you!

Rina said...

This is beautiful. I'm actually going to save it for my husband to read, too, because we've often talked about this very thing (for BOTH of us!) Would you mind if I linked to this in my "Sunday Linkage?"