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Tuesday's Blog Party Post......Being a Godly Wife

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Today's topic is Being a Godly Wife

I have to admit that the Lord, thus far, has chosen not to use this area of my life to refine me.  He is very busy in other areas ;-)  My heart's desire is to be a submissive wife, but I am not sure I have been challenged in that area.   Whenever I have been called to lay down my will in something big, well, let's just say my true colors come out!  There is much work to be done!

I do know what the Word of God says about being a Godly submissive wife and I do strive to be that wife. There are many women out there that are far more experienced who have lived it and can really teach and help those struggling.  

A few pieces of advice/wisdom I can share are:

Know your man and love him for who God created him to be.  

Be thankful for him and let him know you appreciate him.

Find out his love language, and love him in that language.

Validate his concerns., What concerns him should concern you.

Support him in what he is doing or working on.

Become the best keeper of the home you can be.

Become a woman his heart can totally trust in, with home, children, finances, ect.

Be joyful.

Laugh with him.


Don't forget that your body does not just belong to you, but him also ;-)

Above all, remember it is supposed to be about him, not you! 
You were created for him, not him for you!

Recommended Resources:

Excellent Wife by Martha Peace (excellent)
Power of a Praying Wife (excellent)

Another resource I would recommend is Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl.  However, it is with great caution that I recommend this book.  I gleaned a lot from this book,  especially the part about the types of men;  steady, visionary, and command.  Also a chapter on joy and thanksgiving blessed me.  The book is a bit rough and harsh at times and probably off a little on doctrine from my perspective, but there was much good also.  If you are the type that can weed out the questionable, by all means it's worth it.  But, if you are tender at all, skip it!  There are other great resources.  I hope that makes sense?

Today's question and opportunity to win a mini give-away is:

List five things off the top of your head that you love about your husband (and tell him!)

Single ladies, five things you are looking for in a husband.

Must answer by midnight tonight.
Look for the winner in Wednesday's post!


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

My wonderful husband is:
2) He does not let his eyes wander.
3) He is faithful to his work, even when he is sick.
4) He is longsuffering.
5) He never brings up past offenses.

I'm so glad he is MINE!!!
Kathy Brodock

hip chick said...

He is a good provider.
He is a good father and step-father
He always makes me laugh
He always puts his family first
He is strong and steady more....he is handsome

simplebeauty said...

Let's see five things I'm looking for in a future husband (Boaz)

1) A man who seeks God with his whole heart
2) A man who is thoughtful to his wife and loving
3) A man who loves children and desires a big family and a wife to be a homemaker :O)
4) A man who WILL lead his family in following Christ and family devotionals
5) A man who loves to sing ;O)

Muthering Heights said...

Well, I actually wrote a post recently of 100 things I love about him! Since my "baby brain" won't allow me to remember them all, here is the URL. :)

busymomof10 said...

I am thankful for the following 5 things about my husband:

1. He is Faithful and Loyal!
2. He is a man of integrity!
3. He works hard to provide for his family and enables me to be home with the children.
4. He has sacrificed much for his family through the years and continues to make sacrifices for me and the children.
5. He has been right there beside me at every birth (and miscarriage) and shared the joy (and heartache). One of my most precious memories is of us crying together after a couple particularly emotional births.

Of course, there are many other wonderful things about my husband! But, I will leave room for others to post! :)

I hope to post on my blog later today some insights about being a godly wife. I look forward to reading what others may have to say about this topic as well.


jamers said...

Five things I love about my honey...oooh, that is easy!

1. His generous heart for others
2. His great sense of humor in all situations
3. His gentle spirit with his girls (all of us)
4. His willingness to support me in all I do
5. most of all, his love for God and passion for teaching his children and the children at BSF God's truths.

I could so keep going! I love this man God has blessed me with spending my life with. I am grateful for all he does for me, but just am so honored to call him my husband.

Josh and Kelly said...

He is a great dad to our boys!
He is passionate about whomever he is serving- currently youth.
He is so good to me- giving me time to recharge, guarding my time, helping around the house when I'm overwhelmed... etc!
He faithfully serves his family, his church, and his Savior.
He is dependable. No matter what- I can count on him!

Gombojav Tribe said...

1. He makes me laugh!
2. He lets me be me!
3. He is really free, totally unencumbered with legalism or people-pleasing (unlike me)!
4. He's a really hard worker!
5. He's sooooo CUTE!!!!

Karinann said...

Now that I know better:
1.A man who is in love with God and practices his faith.
2.A man who is willing to communicate.
5.Knows what self~sacrificing love means.

Bethany Hudson said...

Oh, this is an easy one:

1. His simple, unshakable faith. Even if he's struggling with or confused about finer points of doctrine, his faith in Jesus is unwavering, even in the midst of intellectual debate and in society that mocks what he builds his life upon.

2. Like the Lord, he is "slow to anger." My husband has never raised his voice to me--or to anyone else that I've ever seen. Sometimes this can result in a little sternness as he controls his temper, but I have learned to appreciate that as a sign that he cares enough about and respects me enough to keep his emotions under control.

3. His thoughtfulness. He's no sheep; he never just follows the crowd or accepts things at face-value. I suppose that's why he became an engineer. Sometimes my "Devil's Advocate" can drive this impulsive woman a little batty--but that's a good thing. God has used my husband's critical eye to grow me in so many ways. And, He's used my impulsiveness to shake up my husband's cerebral nature :)

4. His sense of humor. He has such a kind, silly sense of humor. He's never crude or mocking. I love to laugh with him.

5. His willingness to be challenged. Just as my husband challenges me in my life with my little failings and shortcomings, he's not too proud to let me do the same, in love. He is humble, and he always thinks deeply about what I've said, even if it irks him or his first instinct is to brush it off. In this way, I have seen him mature and develop into any even more wonderful man than the one I met nearly seven years ago. I am looking forward to what many more years (God-willing) will bring.


Anonymous said...

Miss Paula is sharing 5 Wonderful things about her dear hubby!!
1. His heart belongs to Jesus
2. Integrity
3. Loyalty
4. Love is unconditional
5. Pretty dog gone Handsome!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that reading over the other's entries, there are some wonderful Godly men amongst us!! Praise God!

Lady Jen said...

1. He's a great spiritual leader and adviser.
2. He's a wonderful listener.
3. He's a hard worker and provides well for us.
4. He's sensitive to my needs and never forgets special dates.
5. He is the most good-looking man on the planet!

Civilla said...

1.My husband is cute!
2.My husband is steady and a good provider.
3.My husband helps me and doesn't overburden me.
4.My husband spends lots of time with our children.
5.My husband is a good Bible teacher and preacher.

Buildeth Her House said...

1)He loves the Lord and obeys His word

2)He loves his family and provides for us

3)He's strong where I'm weak

4)He's faithful and loyal


Buildeth Her House said...

AWWW He's just grinning when I told him!!

Mrs.B said...

I posted on my blog on this.

Here is the link

For Their Future said...

1. He is so loving!
2. He is the most commited man!
3. He is the most incredible Daddy to his children! He loves them and they adore him, too!
4. He is the best man at handliy money! It is amazing!
5.He is the most intelligent man in the world!
I wish I could list at least 5 more things!
I love my husband and thank God for him, everyday! Praise the Lord! God is soo Good!

CristyLynn said...

So, just 5 things :)

1. Even before we were "officially dating", he led our relationship by God's guidance in Scripture.

2. He's absolutely hilarious!

3. He's a great musician and is really HOT while he plays the guitar.

4. He's an amazing papa to our Little Man.

5. When he's in a discussion with someone, and they're not in agreement, he can discuss things calmly and with such grace--um, very different from me!--but still hold passionately to what he believes.

I'm married to the perfect man for me.

Pajama Mama said...

okay, off the top of my goes
he's such a great dad to our kiddos
he smells yummy
he has great arms;)
he has great integrity
he loves me

Deb said...

1)He loves me unconditionally!!!
2)He loves our children unconditionally!!!
3)He works hard in a high stress job to take care of our family.
4)He is a strong Christian man with conservative values which makes it easy to be a Titus 2 wife.
5)He can make me laugh when everything around me is falling apart!
This man and I have been through so much together in 25+ years...God has blessed me with a wonderful life mate!!

Michelle said...

Wow! Ladies, are we all blessed or what? So encouraging to see you all being thankful for your husbands. I'm a little confused though, I always thought my husband was the most wonderful man alive...I am thrilled for all of you though, I shouldn't be the only one to be so blessed beyond measure in my marriage ;-)

I thought I should make a list too, but don' like limiting it to five!

1. Loves God with all his heart
2. Loves me totally and completely (no matter mood, health, sickness, or weight:)
3. Strives to be the best daddy he can be
4. Encourages and supports me in everything!
5. We are his life! (after Christ of course) and he is honest and a man of integrity, a hard worker, edits my posts and cherishes me.

There, five!

Christy said...

Can I say "all of the above?"

Let's see...the top of my head says milk, cheese, bread, I'll dig a little deeper. How about the nitty gritty side of marriage.

I love that my husband can say he's sorry.

I love that when it's all my fault, he accepts some of the responsibility anyway.

I love that he wrote a song about me before we were married, and that he still hums it. I think it would be nice if he finished it, though.

I love that he doesn't mind that I buy him the exact same socks every two years for the past 13 years, so that I do not have to pair them, but can lay them in a nice pile in his drawer.

And even though we're both carrying around a few extra pounds since baby number six, I still love his legs! He says the same about me, but then he always squeezes my thighs and makes that "squish squish" noise. Hmmm...maybe I should get up now and take some laps!

Godly husbands are a GIFT!

Christy of

Christie said...

1) My husband is a Mr. Steady... I never have to question his decisions because I know that he has prayed, researched, and fervently sought the will of God before making them.

2) He is a spiritual warrior for his family. He is fully aware that there are many things that would seek to steal our hearts, and that he is our protector. He encourages and challenges me to seek the heart of God daily.

3) He is a gentle leader. He knows the importance of leading his home, but he also realizes the incredible responsibility that comes with it.

4) He is SUCH an amazing father! He truly has the hearts of his children... they absolutely adore their daddy.

5) He is continually seeking to guard his heart and his eyes from any outside "invaders", and he is constantly reminding me (as well as showing me) that he only has eyes for me.

Amanda Sikes said...

Five things about my husband, man, where to begin!

1. He is the leader of this home. He seeks God's face and then when God directs He leads our family unashamedly. And for that I am so very grateful.

2. He is my best friend. We talk about everything and enjoy time together. He feels my pain when I hurt and rejoices with me when I am glad.

3. He is a great father. He gives of himself for his children and he poures into them to train them to love God with their whole hearts.

4. He is an amazing provider. He works hard at whatever he is asked to do and thus provides for all our needs.

5. He is an amazing pastor. While it is different to have your husband be your pastor, there are things about it that are wonderful. He knows how to encourage me in my walk and holds me accountable in areas I struggle. It also makes my heart swell with pride to see him minister. I find myself sitting across the room and thinking to myself "Wow, he is mine!"

Man, I love him.

I also did a post about this topic on my blog.

Amanda Sikes said...

I also wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the "Excellent Wife" book that you mentioned. I have lead two Bible studies through that book and have read it twice on my own. It is so challenging and yet insightful. Thank you for mentioning such a great resource.

Lainie said...

Wow, only five things. I'll try to control myself!
1. He always lets me know how much he loves me.
2. He keeps me laughing even after all these years.
3. He works so very hard for our family.
4. What an incredible dad!
5. He wants to know how I feel about things.

I think I'd better get to work on a post at Peaceful Home to elaborate on these (right after I go give him a kiss)!

BellaMama said...

1. The most handsome man
2. Always ready to forgive
3. Willing to care for the children
4. Works hard
5. Sweetly teaches me
6. Makes me laugh

(I know it said 5, but I couldn't resist one more! I know you all completely understand!)
I enjoyed sharing these with him and making him smile!! Thank you!!