Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wow, wow, wow!

We are recovering from our 10 1/2 day journey to Georgia and back. We are moving slowly back into our routine and resting a lot!

Where do I start???

What an awesome week we just had as a family. It was so incredible in so many ways. The children have really grown and have broken free from a lot of ‘stuff’.

There were precious tears of repentance between parent and child and between siblings.

I scarce can take in all the Lord has done in each of our hearts, individually as well as a family. This whole week has been such blur. In one sense it feels like it happened in a flash, and in another time seems to have stopped.

Brian and the four younger children took part in the For My Life Children’s program at Be In Health in Thomaston, GA. Each day the children would be taught what the parents were being taught in the For My Life program and then at the end of each class the children would come in to the main sanctuary for prayer and deliverance together as a family. It was so awesome.

The children were taught some really cool praise and worship songs with dance moves to them. The songs and dances were so cool that each time I went to check on them, (which was often even though Brian was in there) I wished I was in there. You could find me dancing in the hallway to the songs. No, I am not a person who is over comfortable with dancing, but they were so cool.

It was great to see the children come out of their little comfort zones a little. They divided the children into smaller groups and each of our little children was in different groups, so they had to make friends with others. I cannot believe how many homeschoolers there were in the program. I think there were about 30 ish children this week and about 20 of them were home school children!

I was privileged to be in the For My Life classes with four of our older children. Luke, Joshua, Victoria and Isaiah were in with me. The classes were long and intense at times. There is so much information to take in and I was so proud of the children, especially Victoria and Isaiah. We have done this course before, though online, so it was really neat to be having this information go in deeper. I think, for me, the first time listening to all this material you simply cannot take it ‘all’ in. Having listened to some of the teaching up to several times have really helped cement them in.
We are so thankful for all the the Lord is doing in our hearts and our family. We praise Him for the provision to go to Georgia. My mom and her husband paid for a significant amount of our travels and stay and we are forever thankful. They were able to come up on Friday night to 'celebrate' with us and were very blessed as they saw much of the work the Lord had done in our lives.
We were amazed at how well the programs are run at Be In Health. They do an AWESOME job and the people there who pour out their lives week after week are so precious. By Friday you feel like they are family and you just want to take them home with you. We met wonderful people from many places. From Calgary, Canada to England and from many of the states. Precious people all with hearts to seek the Lord with their whole hearts, many coming at great sacrifice financially. What a gift this week was in so many ways.


busymomof10 said...

So glad you had a blessed week and a safe trip home!! I'm sure we will be hearing more about what you learned!!! ;)

Tiffany is doing Much Better! The Lord has done a great work in her heart! she was eager to tell you about it . . . so I'm sure you all will be talking soon!

thanks for your love and your prayers!!!!

Elizabeth (your GA friend!)

Natalieh said...

It was SUCH a blessing to spend time with you and the family. I am excited for the day when I get to spend more then just a few hours with y'all. ;) I love you so much.

Blessings and love,

Regan Family Farm said...

I'm glad you're back!!!
Sending "another" hug from the farm~