Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Got A Do-Over!

You remember last week when I posted about Thoughts and Words? How my words gave my thoughts away, and when I spoke the words of defeat, that gave the enemy an open door to come flooding in?

Well, yesterday I was given another chance, a do-over, a re-do, if you will. Extremely similar circumstances to the other day and there I was faced with the same choice. I felt a holy determination rise up in me. I clenched my mouth shut and went looking for an index card I had written some scripture on some time ago. I found it in my bible and I began to speak out what was on the card. Through gritted teeth at first, and rather quietly because I was really struggling to do this.

We are above only and not beneath. I will not go down or under in these circumstances. I will not give away my peace and joy. I have been given authority and power to trample over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall in any way harm us. The Lord abundantly prospers the work of our hands. He is restoring our fortunes. I will be strong and courageous and firm. I will not fear, for the Lord goes before me, and He is with me. He will not fail me nor forsake me. I will not become broken in spirit.

We are taking our life back, of course there is going to be a battle. The enemy has been exposed, but he is still trying to convince me he wins. Sorry, we win! I have read the Book. I am seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly places. I am above, not beneath--God is in the midst of me, I shall not be moved!!

I then found an old favorite Darrell Evans song and put that on the computer and began to sing. (not that I was in the mood for this, you must know ;-)

I was so thankful for the grace to overcome this same temptation to 'go under' in this circumstance. I wish I could say that the rest of the day was perfect, and that the battle is now over. Sorry. The rest of the day was extremely difficult, I even had to do this one more time later in the day. This time sitting on the back deck screaming it out. But, the enemy was kept at bay and unable to infiltrate my mind with his wicked lies. This really is a huge victory and I believe part of a huge lesson in spiritual maturity that my Father is teaching me. Oh, do I have a long way to go, but I am learning and growing!


Anonymous said...

Amen, sister! I'm right in that boat with you!! Some of your previous posts have really brought me under conviction. I have a problem with my mouth speaking as my brain is working. Stuff just flows out, not negative, necessarily, but a bit too quick. Something you wrote about last week, I think, caused me to think how quickly I am giving my husband suggestions instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and direct and thus place my husband in the leadership position. I've always thought of myself as a submissive wife, but I have been too quick to "jump in" with my ideas. Michelle, thank you, for your bold wisdom. I know I have not arrived, never will, until I stand before the throne. Your gentle instruction is a blessing.
You sister in Him, from PA,

cooperkelly4 said...

awesome!!!! Way to pass the re-test!! =0)

Jenn said...

Michelle, you words are lining right up with what I am learning right now in a Bible Study. We know the winner and it definitely isn't the enemy. We need to be careful not to listen to his lies.