Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thoughts and Words

Taking every thought captive has been big in our home of late, since May, actually. That is when the Lord began to unravel many of the messes in our lives and also when He healed me of Adrenal Exhaustion.

The more we learn the more I am astounded by the scriptural principle, and command really, to take every thought captive. It is amazing the effect our thoughts have on our physical bodies as well as our spirit man.

A recent 'lesson' I had was this. I had been typing my notes up from the For My Life course we recently took and I began to meditate on the thought that Satan and his minions respond to our words. Now they are not omnipresent or omniscient so they can't know our thoughts, but our words give our thoughts away.

The day after I was thinking on this I was having an incredibly difficult day, spiritually and physically. The battle in my mind to not 'go under' these circumstances seemed pretty intense. Up until this point I had been battling the thoughts in my mind and had not spoken defeat. I finally cracked. I began to speak defeat. "Fine, I give up! I just quit. I can't take it any more, I see no hope, no way out. You win, I lose." ( I know, extremely foolish)

What happened next was shocking. Had I not experienced it I would not have believed it. Immediately the thoughts and temptations came flooding in. Up until that point there were a reasonable amount of thoughts inside my head to battle with, now, it felt like a flood! It was as if I could see them come flooding in. It felt like the thoughts were hundreds of ping pongs bouncing off the walls of my mind. It was very startling. I mean thoughts of doom and gloom around things that didn't even pertain to the day's battle!

Brian and I prayed and I was able to lie down for a rest. It wasn't until later that I had realized what had happened. It was my words of defeat that let all those thoughts come flooding in. They responded to my words! How much better had I kept my mouth shut. No! How much better had I opened my mouth with faith filled words of scripture!

While the experience was difficult to go through, I am so thankful for it. It was a huge lesson for me. One I hope to learn from.


Mary R. said...

Wow! Makes you think and want to be cautious.

Coby said...

Thank you for sharing this, as it really encourages me to stand strong in what the Lord has recently delivered me from: FEARFUL THOUGHTS. Paralyzing fear. I was reading through the book you gave me (A More Excellent Way) and realized that I have been so bound up by fear. I repented of it, renounced it, and the Lord literally gave me a vision of shackles being loosened from my hands, feet, waist and head. I feel so free, and I am determined to stay that way!

Thank you for this reminder to take my thoughts captive unto the Lordship of Christ!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Coby, thanks for sharing that! Isn't He so awesome? Love to hear of Him setting His people free.