Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fed Up!

The Lord has been stirring in my heart for a long time now, months, I think, a desire for more of Him. A desire to break free from the 'flow' of 'status quo'. A longing for more of a longing for Him. Make sense? I (we) have been praying about and looking for things and pursuits that He might want us to lay down so as to not be so 'filled up' with the things of this world.

I thought, of course, that it would come in one giant dramatic swoop. But the Lord is merciful and slowly and steadily leads us, preparing our hearts for each new step.

I am beginning to really, really dislike some of the things I spend my time on. In light of seeking Him, reading His word, meditating and memorizing scripture, praying, they seem so wasteful. We grouse about how we don't really see answers to our prayers or how the Word is so seemingly dead to our hearts, or we struggle with so many things of this world, yet are we doing anything about it??!!

Are we taking time to do the 'basics', for crying out loud?! You know, praying?! How often do I lament about the things I want changed, or talk about them, but do I pray? I mean really take time to pray??? What about meditating on His Word day and night? Really, how many of us are doing this? You do know it mentions this concept more than once, right? Day and night? Sure, I'll check my Facebook (not anymore, I deactivated it, so liberating) day and night, or my emails, but meditate on the Word, day and night?

We can't figure out why we still struggle with the same old things. How about we do the basic of renewing our mind with the Word of God? I mean consuming vast amounts of His Word?

I am just plain old fed up with the excuses (talking to myself here) of not having enough time, or I am just too busy, or that sounds so 'legalistic'. I was challenged, and I challenge you, to really evaluate how I spend my time. Do I even do the basics? How can we go on to all the other 'things' if we aren't even doing the basics? We don't forget or not have time to eat, or check emails, or blogs, or Facebook, or talk on the phone, or watch TV, or read books or whatever else we put over and above seeking Him.

I want to live a "One Thing" life! I want that 'One Thing' to be HIM!

These are the types of words/quotes that have crossed my path of late and words that I want to mark my life,

"cultivate a heart of unwavering devotion"
"extravagant devotion"
"a heart enraptured by our God"
"lives of lavish commitment"
"fierce abandonment"
"press into God's heart with a spiritual violence"
"lovesick worshiper"

If you would like more of Him, join me in prayer:

Father God, my heart's desire is for more of You. I want my life to be so consumed with holy passion for You, Your heart and Your word. I want to have a heart like David whose one desire was to dwell in the presence of the Lord all the days of His life and gaze upon the beauty of His Lord and meditate in His temple. I want to be like Paul whose determined purpose was to become deeply and intimately acquainted with You. I want to be like Mary, who sat at Your feet and listened to Your word. Show me what to whittle out of my life, show me how to make room for You? I need Your grace to live this kind of life, it is not by power or by might, but by Your Spirit that I could even hope to attain these things. Draw me, equip me, strengthen me. I accept Your invitation to learn more of You. I want to want the things of Your heart. Make me a "one thing" woman, and let that 'one thing' be YOU! In Jesus precious name, Amen.


His bondservant said...

Oh, how the Lord is making me fed up with the status quo too! I praise His name for it. Time is so very short and I don't want my life wrapped up in all the things that just don't matter! Thank you for is so timely. More of Him...and so much less of me.

Trusting in Jesus,

Coby said...

Wonderfully convicting and encouraging. Thank you so much for this. As said above, this is very timely!

Natalieh said...

AMEIN! I want this too, Abba! Please answer this prayer! We believe You, we want more of You! In Yeshua's name I pray. HalleluYah!

Linda said...

The most beautiful times of my life are when I am in His word and praying...Or talking about the Lord with someone. Times when I count my blessings and tell of His faithfulness to me. Times when I meditate on Him.

I wish I could block out all of the other stuff...but as a human I can't. But God does use a still small voice to convict me, and bring me back to where I should be. I praise God that He never leaves me...even if I have temporarily strayed or gotten distracted.

He uses things like your post today as a reminder thank you!

Mrs. Stam said...

this is a bold post! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 1000%

Ellen said...

Michelle, You have no idea how this spoke to my much I needed these very words.How many times I have lamented and not prayed...I cannot say(sadly too many)...but I am grateful the Lord placed this on your heart to share. ♥

cooperkelly4 said...

Oh I'm in! I am so with you on this...and convicted too. love your new blog background too. =0) praying on what to whittle away!