Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aggressively Pursuing Love

A glimpse inside my heart and journal this morning.

I am falling head over heals in love with You, with Your mercy, with all that You are. How can it be that I can love you more? You are enlarging my heart, increasing the capacity to love You more.

I am beginning to see myself as Your cherished bride. I love that word, cherished. It speaks of love, protection, perfect care. It makes me feel so sheltered and loved. An embrace from the Creator of the universe, my King and Lord . . . the Lover of me!

You . . . love . . . me! You . . . cherish . . . me! My heart is being stirred with holy passion for You and Your heart. I long to hear Your voice. I ache to feel Your touch.

I can feel my heart beginning to run after You, dropping the things that once held it bound. I am leaving all this behind, nothing is satisfying anymore~it's You I long for. I care less and less for the things of this world~ I can feel it deep in my very heart. Cause my heart to burn like never before with passion and love for You. I can't seem to get enough of You.

It has happened, I'm ruined! I've become so lovesick for You. I really don't care anymore if others think I'm too radical, gone overboard, too bold, talk about Jesus too much.

I'm crazy in love, ruined, I tell You. I can't get enough of You, but I am going to spend the rest of my days trying. Aggressively pursuing Love!


Anonymous said...

God uses our ruination to form something beautiful that He can use. Loving the journey with the Lord, too.

Coby said...

Wonderful! This is what the Lord is bringing me into - a deeper, more passionate love for Him as I let go of the things of the world and walk closer with Him. I love Him so much it aches, sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Awh! That is so beautiful! Can I just say that "I love you"??!! Love that you know you are cherished and that He loves you to bits! Isn't it liberating? xo

Natalieh said...

HalleluYah! :) That is awesome!