Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Leave You With This

We are finishing our last minute preparations for our trip to GA. God has been so faithful in the preparing, we are very organized, it seems. Thank You Father!!
You may have already seen this, but it is amazingly wonderful! I am posting all the parts as well as the short version of it. Take a break from school or whatever you are doing and watch this with your children. I am reduced to tears every time I see this and realize just how awesome our God is and how HE holds ALL THINGS together.
Here is the short version if you want to quickly see what I am talking about, but trust me, this is a MUST SEE!! Please watch it with your family, make some popcorn and make a treat out of it.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you on your trip! Thank you for sharing these videos. I will be sharing the short version on my blog with a link to yours, next week. I just found your blog recently and appreciate your tender heart for the Lord. God's best to you this weekend!!