Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Below is a video our oldest son put together of photos from our third son, Joshua's graduation ceremony and party on September 26, 2010. Matthew did an awesome job with the photography and video. Thanks, Love!
You will see pictures of our children sharing a scripture or a word to their brother. It was so sweet. They each sought the Lord on just what to share with him, even the nine year old.
Also, there is a woman speaking to him in a few of the pictures, this was his piano teacher for years. We love this woman. She comes to our house to teach our children. She is the epitome of the perfect teacher. She inspires them, she is firm, yet gentle. She truly loves and values them. She is such a gift.
Joshua's Chemistry, Latin and Hebrew teacher is in one of the pictures also. This man is brilliant! He knows, I don't know, a bazillion languages and is a Professor of Physics at an University near us. He tutored Luke and Josh for several years. He too is a gift!
It was a beautiful day of honoring and sharing, surrounded by loved ones. Praising God for His leading to homeschool our children. It truly is an awesome, most wonderful experience. We would not trade it for the world!

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