Friday, October 15, 2010

Remembering . . . Please Share

All this week we have been remembering the precious little one we lost one year ago. Last year I wrote a series of posts sharing my heart and encouraging others to do the same as we remembered our babies that are now with Jesus.

It is sort of 'funny' this morning I felt a tug on my heart to post something about this because as I was looking over my posts from last year I saw that October 15th has been set aside as a day to remember our babies.

Yesterday, as I was out for a walk and talking to my Father, I cried tears of sadness over the babies I will not see on this side of heaven, praised Him for His perfect plans and pondered if I will ever carry another baby in my womb. Will I ever nurse another baby? Will I ever smell that intoxicating newborn smell? Will I ever kiss the whole face of a teeny one? Will I ever feel a precious little one nuzzled right up to my neck?

I don't know the answer to these questions, but I know the One to Whom I ask? I know I can trust His beautiful plan for my life. I can trust Him to distribute His blessings as He sees fit. I know that He knows the desires of my heart and holds them so close to His heart. I know when I grieve He is there holding me, comforting me. I know He delights to bless me, knowing His plan and what is ultimately the best for me. I know Him who works EVERYTHING out for my good because I love Him and have been called according to His purpose. I know Whom I have believed.

This is not a sad post, really, I stand amazed at His mercy and goodness. His faithfulness. His love. While I will never forget each of my precious six babies, there is no pain, just peace and a knowing He holds them and me in His very hands. Amazing it is, when He comes and heals. He came to heal and bind up the broken hearted, you know?

Please feel free to share your "story" by either leaving a comment or providing a link to read on your blog. And PLEASE, if you are still reeling with grief and pain over the loss of your precious little one (s), please let me pray with you. Leave me a comment, email me, or if you would like to me to pray with you on the phone, I would be honored. Please ask, let me do that for you.


Mama C said...

I walked with a friend through a miscarriage last week and it gave me an opportunity to talk about the little ones that I hold in my heart but never held in my arms. We have 8 little ones that we never met here but look forward to meeting one day.

Won't that be an amazing time?! Meeting my Savior who I love so very much face to face and then seeing the faces of my children!

Those little lives were not in vain for they taught me so trust the Lord with my desires and to walk with an open hand before Him saying not my will but thine! Those sweet babies are a continual reminder that children are a blessing..whether they are here with me or in the arms of my Heavenly Father.

God is good and as you said I don't look with pain but with peace knowing God's ways are not mine but I can rest in that.

Thank you for the opportunity to remember.

Many Blessings!

cooperkelly4 said...

It is amazing how often this happens. We have a sweet friend who just found out their baby will make it once she is out of the womb. My heart aches for her, but I know He has a purpose for this baby and for this family. Here is my story:
Taking a moment to remember too. ♥

Regan Family Farm said...

Thank you for your transparency, dear friend, and for the peace and love of God shining through you. You brought on the tears tonight, and so did the poem by Victoria. How very precious.
Love to you~

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

Iv not to long ago asked jesus in to my heart .. and im still learning ...but 4 years ago my sister lost her sweet little Indiana Grace she only lived for 13hours and 20 minutes at the time i was horifide that this had happend it was such a hurting time for my baby sister she just held her and didnt wont to let go and never for many hours... i have peace now knowing that she is with lord jesus ,iv never really been one to ask why i feel everythink happens for a reason and we shouldn't probley question why it happens but i guess we do ask why i think its human nature..

Heidi xx

gentlejourney said...
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Mumkins said...

After 4 wonderful pregnancies, I was shocked to loose our 5th baby a week ago today, just 2 days after finding out. Our 4yo cried so hard. I'm thankful he's with the Lord. I'm generally OK, just shaken still. We hope the Lord blesses us again soon, and I pray I don't enter that with fear. I'd love it if you e-mailed me or called me. My email is joyfulmomof4 at yahoo dot com. and from e-mail. So few people knew, I feel very alone. My SIL and MIL have been good though.

I did make a blog post about it.