Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beating the Lunch Time Blahs

Do you ever get in a rut with your meals for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner? We are in one of those ruts right now. I am determined to change things up a bit and try some new things now that life is getting back to normal. (LOL, what is normal anyway?)

Today I will share a recipe that was met with rave reviews. Please feel free to share you favorite 'go-to' lunches to give us all of some new ideas.

I have adapted this recipe from Stephanie, who wrote a wonderful Crockpot cookbook called Make it Fast, Cook it Slow.

Crockpot Beans and Rice

In the morning, by 8:00 am I sauteed a half of an onion and some garlic. (this is not necessary, but I really believe taking this step adds needed flavor.)

Into the crockpot:

Sauteed onion/garlic
2 cups brown rice (that I soaked overnight)
2 cups pinto beans (that I soaked, cooked and had in the freezer, you could use canned)
2 cups black beans (that I soaked, cooked and had in the freezer, you could use canned)
1 quart of my canned tomatoes
(that had some garlic, salt and onion, maybe use stewed tomato)
Italian Seasoning, salt and pepper
about 1 cup water to rinse our jar
Shredded cheese (add after done cooking)

Mix it up and put it on high. About 11:00, I checked it and it seemed to need a little water. The rice was not quite done and it was a little dry. I added a splash of boiling water at this time.

By noon we had delicious smelling and tasting beans and rice. We added shredded cheddar, but any flavor cheese would be great. It was different than our usual beans and rice because of the Italian flare. We are bored to tears with our standard beans and rice ;-) It was so great to put in such a small amount of effort and come up from doing school to a hot and tasty meal.

Here is Stephanie's Recipe. I suggest you go check it out and maybe follow her recipe or amounts before you adapt it like my recipe.

Helpful Hints:
  • Soak and cook up huge pots of beans and freeze them in 2-4 cup portions. I do this with all my beans. The beans are far superior to canned beans, as they are prepared properly, and it is so cheap. Especially if you buy in bulk.
  • Whenever possible, saute your veggies in a little oil to release flavor.
  • Season as you go along, layering the flavor.

Next time, another successful lunch idea and my list of Lunch Menu Ideas from my Meal Planning notebook. Don't forget to share you ideas!


primitive ole frugal mumma said...

hi michelle im hearing you there we get in to a habbit of cooking the same foods ect ..but i have a yummy lentil pattie recipe on my blog i started a few weeks ago it's packed with goodness and the kids seem to love them so thats a plus :-) any how i best get of this i have a sweet little 3 year old waiting to ice the chocolate cake we baked this morning :-)

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

here is the link for the Lentil Patties. Looks great, thanks for sharing Primitive ole mumma!


primitive ole frugal mumma said...

Thankyou michelle i had noooo idear how to do that i normally get my son to help but he's away at collage ...i must get him to show me when he's home next ..

heidi :-)

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

LOL!!! I had to have my son do it for me. He wildly clicked here and there and low and behold, it worked! I really am clueless, just have great support! Too funny!

Angela said...

That recipe sounds yummy! One of my go-to lunch meals (if we don't have any leftovers available) is quesadillas. Usually, I make them with chicken, but today I used some leftover black beans (which had been seasoned with minced onion, minced garlic, garlic powder, and sea salt)instead. These bean and cheese quesadillas were super easy and super tasty, especially when dipped in sour cream!