Friday, October 5, 2012

Is ‘Drivenness’ Really Sin?

I believe it is.  We are supposed to be led by the Spirit.  Jesus is our Shepherd.  The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.  He LEADS me beside still waters . . .

Satan Drives, Our Father leads.

Being highly productive and a real motivated person is a good thing.  Working hard is also a good thing.  Being able to accomplish a lot is certainly a gift.

But, when it is done because of a spirit of drivenness it is wrong.

I could live out two exactly the same looking days.  Perhaps I answer several emails, paint four pieces of furniture, make a yummy dinner, do a full days worth of school with the children and make some bread too. (Okay, that’s a lot)

Now, if I do so from a place of peace and in the strength of the Lord then that is one of those highly productive, wonderfully fun kind of days.

But, if I do it because I feel like if I don’t get all this done I am going to somehow fail, or will never get it done. I’m so behind, I better do this now, or else.  Or feel all rushed and anxious and am totally unwilling to stop no matter what because I have got to get this done!  Pity the fool that gets in my way. This is sin!

One is led by the Lord and peaceful.  The other I am being ‘pushed’ and driven, by fear, lack of trust, control and a host of other possible evil spirits.  Do you see the difference?

I tend to be a highly motivated person, which is a good thing.  But, the downside is, I can easily and frequently step right into drivenness.  Sometimes I am days into it before I realize it.  I only hurt myself, my health and those around me when I do. Our bodies were not meant to live on that kind of adrenaline rush all day every day.

I have to ask myself, way more frequently than I do, ‘am I feeling led to do this or am I feeling driven?’  In a perfect world, if I feel the least bit driven I need to back off and let it go.  I might be off on my discernment sometimes, but I would rather error on the side of perhaps getting one less thing done than participating with the enemy’s plan for me.

His plan is to steal, kill and destroy. He can easily do so if he drives us in the ground with drivenness and fear.  All our energy spent on always pushing, always chasing, always trying to get one more thing done.  And then, once our bodies have reached their max, which it will ladies, trust me, it will, we collapse under complete exhaustion.  Sounds a like a plan of the enemy to me!

I am still learning and growing in the area.  I still go in and out of this way more than I would like to.  My Father is so faithful to always be wooing me back to Him, to His leading.

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