Monday, October 22, 2012

He Answers Before We Even Call


The Lord has been doing amazing things in our lives lately.  Okay, He always does, we just don’t always see it, or it might not ‘feel’ amazing. 

For some reason, He is allowing us to really ‘see’ what He is doing.  We are seeing His hand move in ways we have never dreamt of. 

We have watched Him lead and guide us with our family business.  He opens doors we didn’t even think of.  When it is so clearly Him leading, the favor and blessing around it is so amazing.

This Summer there was a particular Antique Show that we had never heard of.  We were approached to be a part of it.  (we didn’t seek it out)  We prayed and kept it before the Lord and just kept walking. There were MANY details that were beyond our reach.  At anytime we were willing to lay it down.  He blew open door after door.  We followed, even though it meant some significant sacrifice on our part.  Just because He leads and provides does not mean that it won’t cost us anything.

We had incredible favor, and I mean incredible!  And, seeing what He is up to now, we see that was stepping stone and preparing for where He is taking us! 

There are some amazing things coming down the road for {re}imagined just for you that only HE could make happen.  We just sit here in awe.  I find myself just saying, ‘really?’  ‘Are you kidding me?’  Just, ‘WOW!’  I love when it is so clearly HIM!

For all those out there who the enemy is lying to right now, telling you ‘her life is all rosy and mine stinks’, let me tell you to stop listening to him, first of all.  And second, never compare a small glimpse of someone else’s life, they still have struggles and live in the same fallen world you do.  Better yet, don’t compare at all Winking smile and just be thankful for where you are.

While we are experiencing the fun side of all of this, it is a lot of work, takes a lot of sacrifice, and we are definitely feeling the ‘growing pains’.  But, oh, when we put our eyes on Him and are so thankful for what He is doing, well, the things of this world grow strangely dim.

What amazing things is He doing in your life right now?  Or maybe, you are in that dark place before the seed breaks forth??  If you are and are just wanting a little boost in prayer, please email me, I’d be honored to lift a sister to the Lord.  I know of the dark places, they still call my name. 

Shall I do a post or two on the ‘dark places?”

Sending you big hugs!

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