Saturday, February 14, 2009

Twenty-five Random Things about Me!

My sweet friend from 'busymomof10' has tagged me and I am supposed to come with 25 things about me. So here goes!

  1. I have been pregnant or breastfeeding 17 1/4 years of the last 22!
  2. I have five precious babies in heaven
  3. I live in a 1248 sq. ft. home ( 10 of us!)
  4. I love to bake bread.
  5. I love to learn new things.
  6. I have struggled with health issues for over five years, and the Lord has broken a lot of 'me' during it.
  7. I used to think leading bible studies or writing a book was where ITs at.
  8. Only in the past few years am I finally getting a grasp on the fact that being a mama is where IT is at! (and I want to shout it from the rooftops!)
  9. I hate correcting school work!
  10. I love to encourage others
  11. I love candles (smelly, yummy candles)
  12. I drive a 'candy apple red' 15 passenger van and love it!
  13. I have an Italian stove-top espresso maker that I use frequently for hubby and I
  14. I enjoy a triple latte w/ extra shot, not syrup please
  15. I drink raw milk
  16. I love to scour out my sink and my clean stove, but rarely get to do it
  17. I LOVE my quiet time with God
  18. In storage, I have boxes of old quiet time journals
  19. I love to throw things away!
  20. I am allergic to pine trees (aka Christmas trees)
  21. Favorite snack is Doritos and Frito Lay Jalapeno Dip...or maybe Oreos, dunked in milk, whole cookie in mouth...okay this is not good for the diet!
  22. I drink Black Currant Tea every single day!
  23. I love the beach, really, really love the beach. (Many family vacations on Lake Michigan)
  24. I want twin girls really badly!
  25. I spend every single sunny day in the summer by the pool with the kids. (has to be sunny or I won't go out!)


Dawn said...

Oh Michelle...if you like Lake Michigan you have to come visit me here in Sunny Florida. You would LOVE our beach it's beautiful!! Tell me more about Black Currant Tea...

busymomof10 said...

Michelle, I loved learning more about you! Thanks for taking the 25-things challenge! After reading how long you have been pregnant or breastfeeding, I sat down and figured mine out. I figure I have been pregnant or breast feeding for at least 18 years of my life!! Wow -- it is quite shocking when you look at it that way! But, that's because I have "four and a half dozen" children! ;)

busymomof10 said...

BTW, I am not ignoring your emails to me! I will eventually get around to responding! ;) It has been on my "To Do List" for several days now!

Civilla said...

Hey,Michelle,haven't heard from you in a while. Hope I have not said anything that offended.

Gloria said...

Wow! So nice to learn more about you. I can relate with the Lake Michigan beach! I have lots of great memories of times on the beach (grew up there until 18 yo.). Then I lived near the beach in FL for 20 years. Lots of beach time there, too!
You do encourage me with your insightful writing. Don't worry about that book, what you do here it great! :-)

Gombojav Tribe said...

Your number 1 is fantastic!! I've been breastfeeding for about 7 of the eight years I've been married. A lot of that has been tandem nursing because the older child isn't quite ready to be done when the new one arrives!

The only thing I miss is a non-nursing pretty bra! Small trade-off though!

Michelle said...

Gombojav, I have been recently blessed to be able to buy two 'pretty non-nursing' bras! Yeah! It is dark purple with no breastmilk stains. Though as soon as I say this I am feeling very sad because of being done nursing :( I love being pregnant and nursing!

We are believing that the healing plan my Dr. has me on will strengthen and heal me, we so desire more children! Currently, my prayer is for twin girls. Actually, that has been my prayer for a long time!

Linda said...

I breastfed my last two to 4 1/2 years each. I had a ultra sound on them once and the lady said they didn't look like they were lactating. But I did feed her for her to sleep. It has made me question my claim!

The other two were 14 months and the other one 6 months.