Saturday, February 14, 2009

Endless Reasons Why I Love My Man!

Warning: You may not let the enemy use these posts to compare or be discouraged. All husbands are sinners and therefore not perfect. But, it is our duty as wives, I believe, to focus on the wonderful and lovely in our husbands, and they all have something worth being thankful for, right?!

That said. . .I am so blessed by my husband and how wonderful he is that I am going to post reasons why I love him so. So, bear with me, okay? You have to realize that the ultimate reason for this blog is for my daughters, they will see how wonderful their daddy is and also learn how to appreciate their husbands. Okay, and I just love praising God for the wonder of my husband!

Today, Valentine's Day, I am praising God

for just how much my man GETS me!

He really 'gets' me.

Do you know what I mean?

He understands me like no other person.

He knows my thoughts, sometimes before I speak them.

He doesn't mind at all that God made me a woman with many, many, many words.

He listens to each and every one of them. (Well, sometimes he just can't stay awake;-)

So, today it's because he gets me and still loves me!

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angela said...

This is an awesome post. Thank you for sharing your love for you Man. I also have an amazing Man, and I want all the single ladies to know there are some Great Men out there!!!