Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome 'Old' Friends!!

A warm welcome to the ladies who received an invitation email or letter from me!

Grab a cup of tea or a latte ;-) and take a look around. You will notice on the right side of this page, after the adorable pictures of my children, (wink, wink) there is a spot called 'labels'.

All you have to do to begin your visit is start clicking on the subjects that I have written about. I am so thankful that you came. Don't forget to leave a comment as I described in my letter to you, so I know you were here. Big hugs to you ladies!
(If this is all new to you, you may email me at gentleshepherd2001 (at) yahoo (dot) com)

Rachel is the Winner!


Rachel said...

Hi Michelle! It was wonderful to receive this invitation from you. I logged on today, and while I was reading, Jason called. I told him, "Michelle is such an amazing woman." He asked what I meant by that and I had to say, "She's just so close to God and receptive to Him...and she's so busy with 9 kids! It's crazy!" But of course I meant "a good kind of crazy!" You're such an encouragement. God bless you and thanks for being the woman you are to teach others who they can be.
- Rachel Frank

Michelle said...

Thank you Rachel, but let me correct you. ;-)
Simple (albeit crazy) woman, serving an AMAZING GOD! Good to hear from you!

Miriam said...

Hi Honey -
What a wonderful, potentially amazingly fruitful endeavor - this blog. I would have 'stopped by' even without the lure of a gift - don't wonder - we are well and have some amazing stories. Lovely to read that you are a Mimi now - I'd thought that event must have come to pass. Thank you for including me in the invitation and I think about you often - as in - maybe in heaven we'll have time to stay caught up....

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Civilla said...

How are you doing, Michelle? I don't seem to have your e-mail in my address book. You will have to e-mail me again, and I will add it. Didn't know you have to do that. Mary.