Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm a Little Teapot...

I have a very cute idea for storing your dishsoap. I can't take credit for it, I read something somewhere, about something like this. This is my adaptation. I hope you think it is cute too.
I found this teapot at a thrift shop for dirt cheap and the plate from the Dollar Store! (of all places)
My only complaint is that it comes out a little slowly, but I think that is because inside the spout is some 'screeny thing' that slows it down. I did not notice this when I bought it. :( But I can't get over the cute factor, so I am putting up with it!

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.

Have a lovely day!

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Civilla said...

Oh, that's so cute!

hip chick said...

Oh that is just the greatest of ideas. I can't stand the way the container of dish soap looks on the side of the sink.
I'm on the prowl now for a cute little teapot.

Muthering Heights said...

That's such a cute idea!! I may have to do that. :)

Also, what sort of posts are you looking for in terms of the blog party?

Anonymous said...

I know my comment is late, but I just wanted to say that I "copied" your very cute idea, with a picture on my sidebar. My detergent was pouring out slowly too, so I just watered it down a bit...that might solve your problem too :-). Thanks, Michelle!