Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweet Moments

I don't know if you can see how tired this mama is. My sweet husband knows that nothing can breathe life into this mama like a cuddly baby who isn't so cuddly most of the time. Nearly every morning during my quiet time Brian will bring Elijah in to cuddle. He sees it in my eyes; the joy of cuddling with my baby. Such a sweet man.

Uncle Josiah, age 5, Uncle Elijah, age 21 months (both to the left) and nephew Levi ,1 years old (on the right) Elijah wasn't so sure about this nephew guy!

First grandchild's first birthday!

* Sometimes little ones just can't stay awake for the whole sermon!

*Thirteen year old daughter says,
"Mommy, I had a 'perfectly horrid' dream".
I smiled and said,
"Darling, have you been reading Anne of Green Gables?"

*Sweet five year old son says,
"Daddy, can we use a grumpy towel to play with?"
"A what?" we said.
"A grumpy towel."
"Oh, a grubby towel", we realize.
(meaning a rag towel)

*Swimming in Michigan on September 19th! (the pool is usually covered on Labor Day, but due to my health we haven't gotten to it, the kids are thankful)

*Lots of hugs from a very tenderhearted and intuitive 7 year old. She seems to know when a pint-sized hug makes everything all better. She sneaks up without a sound, wraps her arms around me, tightly. After she senses all is well, she scampers off without a word.

*A nineteen year old son who has wanted a job for so long is actually praying about turning an offer down as he contemplates, 'maybe 'home' is where God wants him in this season of life.'

*Sweetness of an older sister reading to a little brother.

Life can be so hard sometimes, isn't God so gracious to let us see the sweet things in life? They are always there, the sweet moments, my eyes just aren't always open to see them.

Open my eyes, Lord Jesus to see the sweet moments of life.


Camille said...

SOOO PRECIOUS!! :) What a blessing to see the Lord's blessings in everything that is "every day" and "ordinary"...continue to look to Him ALWAYS!
In Christian Love,

pinecone304 said...

This was such an encouragement to me. Thank you.

Gombojav Tribe said...

There's no better place to be than home.

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

busymomof10 said...

I just loved peeking in the window of your life and seeing some of the sweet moments that touch your heart! I sure wish I lived closer, so I could come by and bring you something to brighten your day! Praying that Jehovah-rapha will heal you and restore your strength!!!

Deanna said...

God Bless you, Michelle.

Connie said...

I pray for your healing and renewed strength. So glad you are encouragement from your precious family.

L.H. said...

These are beautiful pictures that capture those simple, yet precious moments that make family life so enjoyable!

Thanks for sharing!