Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breakfast Challenge Winners!

We have decided to award two winners for the Nourishing Breakfast Challenge!

Meg (Gombojav Tribe) is one of the winners. She impressed us all with her amazing skill and zeal in the kitchen for someone at the tender age of eight!


Nicole is the other winner! She gave this her all and her husband graciously tried things he didn't even like, what a trooper. Thanks Nicole's husband for your support!

Please email me with your email so I can have Stephanie send you the link to your new ebook!
Healthy Homemaking:
One Step at a Time


Nicole said...

Oh, thank you! I enjoyed following along and trying the new recipes. You are right about my husband - he was wonderful to try all the new things, especially considering his dislike for eggs and oatmeal! But I now know I can cook eggs for him with plenty of sausage and veggies and he will eat them (and like them, sorta!), and the baked oatmeal and PB bars we will have again sometime.

It was a lot of work to keep up with a challenge like this - thanks for putting it on!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Thank you for the prize. The challenge was fun. Thank you for letting me do the contest.


(our email address is