Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love Your Neighbor . . . That’s Easy!

I have to say that loving my neighbor is the easiest thing in the world! Well, mostly because it is Farmgirl Cyn! We have much in common. We both love our God passionately. We love all things cooking. We adore all things sourdough. We’re both short, though she is way shorter than me Winking smile. Oh, and she is significantly older, Winking smile but you would never know. She is as feisty as ever!

My children all adore her. She walks in the door and they gather around to hear what she has to say. She often comments that she should sell tickets. We rarely get a moment alone, as they hang on her every word, but I don’t mind, this is one lady I love them getting to know!

She makes the most amazing crackers, for which we barter eggs. I totally get the better end of the stick, these crackers rock!

She also supplies my family with the most wonderfully pure soap. It is such good soap. It doesn’t dry your skin out and you feel just plain old clean. When I found out that she actually will ship it, I just had to let you all know. It is an awesome price. It is made with all natural ingredients, organic where possible, with none of those icky chemicals!

My wonderful neighbor, Cindy, was even ‘interviewed’ by Joni, from Old Centennial Farmhouse about her soap. Check it out.

Hop on over to Cindy, aka FarmgirlCyn. Scrubbing Bubbles is the post about her soap.


Angie @ said...

Love homemade soap.

Come over and visit me

Jenn said...

I love homemade soap...I'll head on over and check it out!

His bondservant said...

Thanks for the tip Michelle. We are trying to go as natural as possible in all areas. I will definitely check out the soap. God bless!