Thursday, April 14, 2011

What If This IS . . .

I was visiting with a dear friend yesterday.  We were leaning over the sink, watching the children and animals run and play.  We were talking about how difficult the days were, lamenting over them, really.

I had the thought, ‘what if this IS the way it is supposed to be?

What if this pace, this amount of things getting done in a day, and these things never seeming to get done, the same things happening over and over again—‘what if this is how it’s supposed to be?’

What if I find out twenty years from now, or even on the other side of eternity that the way my days played out, the way the seasons of my  life played out were exactly how they were supposed to be?

Imagine the gasp, my hand cupped over my mouth, eyes filling with tears when I realize the hours, the days, the years I longed for my days to be different.  You know, more productive, more useful, more organized, more orderly, more ‘whatever’!

What!!  Are you serious?!  That is how You planned it, and I fought it all those years?  I was robbed of the joy and peace that was hidden in the busy, the messy, the often times ugly?

It is a lie, ladies!  Today, with it’s often times ugly and busy is full of beauty and grace.  Our enemy has us chasing after the ‘perfect’ (or even slightly better would be nice Winking smile) day or ‘perfect’ life.  You know, the one where everything is the way ‘we’, with our infinite wisdom, think it should be?

But what if we are wrong?  What if it is here, in this day—beauty, gift, perfect?

Open our eyes, gracious Father, to the beauty, the perfect, the grace, that You bestow each and every day.  Forgive us for not recognizing Your perfect will right before our eyes.  Change our hearts, cause our thoughts and desires to line up with Yours.  Not my will, but Yours be done.


Linda said...

Michelle you are exactly right! This is the day the Lord hath made ...we shall rejoice and be glad in it!

Perfection will only be found in heaven...but we can find peace, joy, and rest in this world, even in the midst of our trials! God is so good! And He is with us every minute of every day!

I have never felt His presence more than when I was smack dab in the middle of the most heart breaking trial....the deaths of three of our grandchildren. God was faithful..and I will give Him praise. I think you have discovered a truth my friend.

Love, Linda

Jennifer said...

WOW!!!! Great post! Thanks!

Along the way said...

Awesome Post!! Just what i needed!!

cooperkelly4 said...

so good Michelle! I feel like learning to see God in a moment; from His perspective is the key.

Regan Family Farm said...

You are such a dear friend to me!!! I count it such a blessing to be able to lean on one another as we grasp for God in these "perfect" days...and look forward to just a little uninterrupted conversation :)
Love you!!! And thanks a bunch for your gifts!

Mary R. said...

That was truly a lovely thought.

Kati Potratz said...

Just a question: Would you apply this question - "What if this IS the way it's supposed to be?" - to your pre-healed life?

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Oh, good question, Kati!! Yes and no. There, does that help? lol

Yes, from the standpoint that I can rejoice and praise Him no matter what, and even when I was sick I was still in His hands and just needed a little more sanctification. ;-)

No, from the standpoint that I don't believe that sickness is from God. But, let me say that I totally am thankful (now) for each and everyday of those difficult 10months (not to mention the years leading up to it) because without them I would NOT be where I am today, nor understand what I do today, nor have the ministry that I do today, nor be able to teach and train my children in the truths that I learned coming out of that time. Make sense? So, I guess, "yes" would be my answer again because those days were the bridge to where I am now. Am I talking in circles yet? :-)

And, the post was more geared for the Mama who might be buried in toddlers and diapers and frets because her house is not immaculate or the mama who is sick and can't seem to be the parent she wants to be right now, feeling like she is somehow failing. Point being, HE can be trusted! And we can take our peace, right here, right now. Hope that helps.

Coby said...

AMEN...As I learn more and more to let go of my agenda and be led instead of driven; to wake up and say, "Hi Father! What are You doing today, and how can I be a part of it?" To "roll with it" when one of my children is sick and needs to snuggle, so I don't get all the laundry folded. To trust God with the details of my life!

His bondservant said...

So true Michelle. Our God is Sovereign and He is in all the moments of our lives. I am so thankful He has it all planned out. God bless!

Kati Potratz said...

Yes, that helps, thank you for answering. :)