Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Organizing The Bathroom

While everyone has been sick and laying low, I have been organizing with a frenzy. I have been having a ball!  When we are doing school it is hard to find the time to put into re-organizing things, so I took advantage of the ‘off’ time.

This the upper bathroom cabinet before re-organizing.  Not bad to start with, but I was inspired to kick it up a notch.


Before picture of the lower cabinet.


This cabinet has been my nemesis for years.  It is where we keep our table clothes and pillowcases.  It is ALWAYS a mess, and frankly, I have no idea why I didn’t do something about it sooner!  Oh, yeah, Adrenal ExhaustionWinking smile.  Healed now, though, remember!!!???


Before under the sink.



Last cabinet before picture.


Some tips that I have always tried to follow when organizing are:

  • measure your space and find the perfect containers to FILL the space.  You don’t want to waste any space.
  • pull everything out and only put back what you really want.
  • be ruthless with your purging, do you really need 4 curling irons??  3 different kinds of gel when you don’t even use gel?  I think not.  Toss it!
  • group like items together
  • use smaller containers within the bigger ones to keep things tidy.

Here are the ‘after’ pictures!  I put darling old fashioned scrapbook paper inside the boxes and printed new labels on clear sticker paper. 



Here is a close up of the paper and the label.


Too cute!


The lower cabinet always had towels tumbling out.  Yesterday I measured and re-measured and hopped on Amazon and found the perfect size containers to fill my space as completely as I could.  Now all the towels, tablecloths and bedding fit neatly and perfectly in the containers.  I purged out all the old, raggy towels that don’t get used anyway.


A nice basket for diapers and pull-ups.  An out of the way place for lotion making supplies, the scale (which I am convinced should be thrown into the deepest ocean, but that’s another story) and heating pad/packs.


Under the sink was organized and purged.


Purged out hair product container, and a few extra things.


Not bad for a days work, is it?  Have you been organizing this Spring?


Kris said...

Nice job!! Thank you for visiting my blog!

Mary R. said...

Wow, that looks great!

Elaine said...

Looks awesome. I am going to tackle my bathroom today! Thanks for post this...totally encouraging to me. My closet is a mess! But just wait. :)

cooperkelly4 said...

oh this was soooo my bathroom...until spring break. I finally did it! =0) Yay for you!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

cooperkelly!! email me!

Treasures Evermore said...

Great job. Looks awesome.