Friday, April 22, 2011

Freedom is Sweet!

One of the ‘indicators’, if you will, of a spirit of guilt operating  in your life might be ‘regret’ and/or ‘remorse’.

Several weeks ago, I realized that every time I would look at old family photos, old home videos, or a child was turning 20, or 19 or 15 or 10, the age didn’t matter, I would feel sadness.  Something didn’t feel right, but I couldn’t discern it.  I could never look back and have joy over the events or revel in the beauty of growth and change.

I prayed, asking the Lord to give me discernment into this.  It was obvious that something was not right.  It wasn’t long before, through teachings, His Word and circumstances that this kind of thinking was tied to a spirit of guilt.  As I repented and removed and began to fill my mind with Truth, freedom came.  I was able to discern that the ‘names’ for those feelings were indeed ‘regret’ and ‘remorse’.  Discerning, naming, repenting and removing has brought a whole new outlook on life.

It was like I had these dark glasses on that only allowed me to see things through guilt.  This is how I would describe what it is like as I discern each new layer of bondage the Lord is removing.  Can I tell you the world looks entirely different than it did 337 days ago!?

The joy that fills my soul as I face each day without guilt! (not to mention,a spirit of  fear, performance, drivenness, envy, jealousy . . . shall I keep going? Winking smile)

I watched an old home video last night, guess what?  Nothing but pure joy and thankfulness for the life we have lived.  No regrets.  No remorse.  No guilt.  Just joy!  Freedom is sweet.


cooperkelly4 said...

Yay! Freedom is so goooood! God wants to set us free and it is so awesome that you are going deeper and getting to the root of things Rejoicing with you!!! ♥ Kelly

Mary R. said...

That really is wonderful!

Traci said...

Shalom, I am new to reading your blog...This post is especially interesting to me because this has been where I am (WAS). I was thinking about it just the other day...and wondering why it is (was) so? Abba has told me, that once I am forgiven I am to walk in that and to walk in anything else is sin. Walking in His forgiveness is true rest in Him. I have not conquered this entirely, I think because I don't fully understand why I tend to do it?? But, my hope is to bring all thoughts into subjection to Him and walk in His merciful forgiveness to me. Praise Abba!
Thanks for sharing this, I've never heard anyone, ever, speak about this.