Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Blog Friend Lost Home . . .Pray!

kelly family pic

Kelly Crawford, from Generation Cedar is a very dear blogging friend.  We have been friends since I started blogging.  Her home was destroyed by a tornado. 

Another friend, June, from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home has set up a way to make donations for the family. Please prayerfully consider donating and please be praying.

Please take the time to follow the above links and respond as the Lord leads.  Hug your children extra tight and thank God for the blessings we have.  I know I am.  Love to all!


busymomof10 said...

WOW! THis is so SAD and SCARY! I discovered it as we were huddled in the hall with a tornado warning here!!! Fortunately, we were OK -- but here comes anohter wave of storms! Praying for the Crawfords! I just can't imagine losing everything like that!!

the silver of His fining said...

Thanks, Michelle, for posting this. I thank God every day for the roof over my head. So many in the world have lost theirs.
Truly God is in control and has a purpose in allowing this. I will pray that the Crawfords, and others, will be strong in their faith during this time, so that God will be glorified.
Most staggering to learn that her father had suffered a heart attack that morning...
Have posted this to Facebook and Twitter, along with the two links you gave. Thanks. God bless!

Elaine said...

How very sad! Thank you for posting. I visited her site and could not believe it.