Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Goal of Reading

We tell our children from a very early age that the biggest reason we learn to read is so that we can read the Word of God.  We really play this up as they are learning to read.  We remind them continually that one day they will read the Bible just like the rest of us, and get to read God’s heart for themselves.

Recently our Isabella was able to read several verses from John chapter one during family devotions.  We were so excited and Brian and I planned to surprise her the next night at dinner.  All day I played up that we were celebrating something really important tonight. (of course every body thought I was pregnant, sadly I am not) I made chocolate coconut cupcakes, we got dressed up, put a table cloth on the table and the excitement grew!



The boys jumped at the chance to dress like goobers  gentlemen.


After dinner, Brian called the children to order (nobody knew what was going on at this time) and he walked over to Isabella and presented her with her certificate.  It was so fun.  She felt so honored.


Proud Papa and Isabella




It has been so precious to see her reading her bible.  She is reading in Isaiah 43 and loves it!  Her Mama loves the book of Isaiah too!  What a gift it is to be the one to teach your children to read and watch them read His Word! 


His bondservant said...

How precious Michelle. We tell our children the same thing...that reading is most important because it allows us to read what God has written to us. Love the idea of a special celebration too. We give our children their own special Bible when that time comes. Take care my friend!

Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful! It is wonderful to see the fruit of our work as mothers! :)

Kristin Bridgman said...

I love the book of Isaiah too! We used to do things like this when our boys were little. We homeschooled for 14 years. Someone led me here to your blog saying that you and I might have something in common. Please feel free to come check me out at
Blessings to you!

Elaine said...

What an awesome idea!!! I love the sweet pictures of your family!!

busymomof10 said...

How precious!! Love it!! Looks like Isabella needs to grow a bit taller! ;) But, I bet she FELT 10 feet tall that night!!!! :)

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