Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Accountability Time, Ladies!

Being the first of the month I thought it would be helpful to check in with everyone to see how you all are doing with your vision, goals, words, resolutions, ect. for the new year.

What is working and what is not? What could you change to get back on track if you are off track?

I am thrilled with how things are playing out this year in regard to my ‘word’ for the year. Relentlessly Pursuit. If you remember, this year was a year to get back to basics. To relentlessly pursue the ‘basics’ that really should be in place before I attempt to do other things. The Lord gave me great goals in several areas. I have had some struggles, but quickly get back on track. In the past, I would have given up the whole year, by the middle of February. I seem to be diligent for about six weeks at a time and then it all hits the fan! Winking smile

My categories were, Spiritual Essentials, Wifely Essentials, Motherly Essentials, Keeper of the Home Essentials, Physical Essentials.

Things that have worked for me in the Spiritual Essential category are as follows.

  • Relentlessly pursue a consistent prayer time (in addition to my regular quiet time)

Every afternoon right after lunch I take my little one, Elijah (age 3) in my room and set him up with something to play quietly with. The other children are to fold all the laundry and listen to Bible Experience or Victoria read aloud. I have about 30-45 minutes of quiet prayer and reading the Word. I have never been consistent with my prayer time and having a prayer journal has helped immensely! I will share that in the future.

  • Relentlessly pursue fasting 1-2 times a week

I have just made this an automatic. I don’t consult my flesh or my mind anymore, it just happens every Wednesday whether I feel like it or not! Another day is added if the Lord leads.

  • Relentlessly pursue thankfulness

  • Relentlessly pursue JOY (daily)

These two have been addressed as I diligently work on my gratitude journal. I have a list in my planner that is with me all day and I simple fill in ‘graces’ as they happen. I do go in spurts, some days I get too busy, but the next day I get right back at it. I really do believe you make time for what is important.

  • Relentlessly pursue scripture memory

This has been so exciting to me. I have never been very good at memory work, but I am committed! I have all of Ephesians 1 and 2 memorized! Of course, I started in November, but I don’t care if it takes me the whole year, I am relentlessly pursuing scripture memory. I have been brought to tears with this one. It really is hard for me, but it causes me to cry out to Him and ask His help, and He does! Brian and the children have heard Ephesians 1 and 2 a bazillion times, but they don’t mind.

  • Relentlessly pursue a quiet and gentle voice

Okay, so I am still working really, really hard on this one. Much failure, but for me, there has also been much victory. These are life long habits and generations of harshness to overcome. I am very hopeful. One dear woman said one time, “you don’t have to live out the desolations of your past.” This sticks with me as I struggle to overcome this one. God is so faithful to give grace and to gently remind me.

Please, do tell how you are doing!! Are you on track or do you need to get back on track? Do you struggle with any of the areas above that are my focus for the year? What works for you? I hope to post about my other categories coming up here.


Saint Shellie said...

Thank you Michelle, for the reminder! It is March now, with Spring in the air, and things do tend to start slipping if they haven't already. I love your word of relentlessly Pursuit. Pursuing God and Godliness is a daily challenge and yet, the most important priority!! Yes, prayer is a biggy for me. To find, or make the time for prayer times, just as Jesus did... and David... and Daniel...etc. Specific times! That is my biggest challenge.

Would love to read an update on how you are doing.

Keep Pursuing,

Coby said...

So glad for the reminder!

Three areas that I really wanted to pursue were thankfulness, diligence (specifically with keeping my home), and being gentle. I've started keeping a gratitude journal as well, and the amazing thing about it is that it's causing me to LOOK for graces and gifts, to be more aware of them, and to realize that God is in the details of life!

I've really been working on creating new habits with regards to keeping my home (Large Family Logistics has really helped!!!). The biggest blessing to come from this - in addition to a more peaceful environment - is that Hubby has noticed. The other night he said to me, "I see what you're doing - I see how hard you're working to keep things clean and orderly, and I really appreciate it." Hallelujah!!!

And as for gentleness, God has brought me a long way in this area, where I don't get so easily frustrated and I watch my tone with my children - "a soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up strife." (Prov. 15:1). One of the translations of "harsh" is painful. I don't want my words to cause my loved ones pain, I want to build up and encourage! I'm so thankful for how the Holy Spirit has changed me in this area!

cooperkelly4 said...

I am moving forward in this! My word is "be still." I fell like i have made some changes but for someone whose word is "be still" I am really trying to see what God is teaching me without having to see results. I know that God is changing my heart cause I am seeing my life as a wife and mom differently and the grace is there and has been there to change. Thankfully, this is my word for the YEAR. =0) I am loving what God is doing and I am so thankful!