Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winner of Large Family Logistics!

The winner of Large Family Logistics





Congratulations, Coby!

Ladies, while I absolutely do NOT have it all together I have been blessed with a passion for organization and a wonderful amount of grace to PURGE, containerize and organize.  So, if you have any specific questions about how we do something, please, please feel free to ask!  Sometimes it takes just one little idea to get things moving.

Relentlessly Pursuing . . .


Coby said...

THANK YOU! (I'm reading it again to make sure that was really my name I saw! He-he!) You have no idea how much this blesses me - what a fun Saturday morning surprise!!!

cooperkelly4 said...

YAY COBY!!!!! =0)

Kathy - mom of many said...

Michelle, thanks for being so willing to help those of us who don't have the natural genes for organization. Congratulations to Coby!! She's a sweetheart.