Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Could It Be?

I am so thankful for the joy that has been given to me. The daily peace I now walk in. Hope that lifts my soul to new realms. I really feel like all my dreams are coming true before my very eyes. Not shallow, earthly dreams, but deep ‘want to be changed on the inside’ kind of dreams. Want to live joy, live peace, live hope kind of dreams.

Joy, true joy that remains has always been elusive. Slips right through my fingers like sand. Heaviness and sadness were constant companions.

That peace, every day peace has been hard to live. The really big storms almost seem easier, keeping grace seems to pour down in those big storms. But the little rain showers, you know, the endless drip, drip, drip, every day, all day ~ that’s when that inward peace has seemed impossible to walk in.

Hope, we haven’t been all that acquainted these past ten years, have we? Maybe little spurts of hope here and there, but it always fizzled, dried right up.

I cannot put my finger on the one thing that changed the tide of ten years, ten sad, restless, hopeless years. How could I ever hope to understand, I mean You are God, and You tirelessly work through every – single – detail of my life.

You work in so many ways for my good.

Could it be deliverance from many, many demons that haunted me for years?

Deliverance from the lies? Exposing the enemy, teaching Your child about the schemes and wiles of an enemy I had been lulled into thinking had no power in my life?

Could it be the glorious revelation of your deep love for me?

Could it be the continual cleansing and resulting refreshing that comes from daily repentance?

Could it be daily, recognizing, taking responsibility, repenting, renouncing, removing, resisting, rejoicing, restoring? Repeat.

Could it be revelation that while You are LOVE, that You also expect obedience to Your Word and Your Word says, love Me with all your heart … seek Me first . . . Pray . . . fast . . . meditate on my law day and night . . . give thanks in all things … and that is not because You need us to do these things, its because You know we need to do these things. They benefit us. They are weapons for us to use to fight the enemy.

Could it be the grace to slow and notice You in the moments of my day. The grace to slow and invite You in to each moment.

Could it be the grace for eyes open wide to see You in all things and to give thanks in all things?

Nope, just can’t do it. Can’t put my finger on that ‘one thing’ but I can put my eyes on the One True and Living God ~ You’re the “One thing” that changed me.


Me said...

I loves your post today... I especially love this; "I cannot put my finger on the one thing that changed the tide of ten years, ten sad, restless, hopeless years. How could I ever hope to understand, I mean You are God, and You tirelessly work through every – single – detail of my life."


cooperkelly4 said...

this gave me chills! I was hoping to read a post from you tonight. =0)
still praying here!!!

Jennifer said...


I want this. I long for this. I so relate to the sad, restless, hopelessness....

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your post this morning! As I was reading I thought, when I look at the magnitutde of the greatness of our GOD ...and then "compare" myself I lose hope....but where does it tell me to measure myself with God? I am to focus upon him confess my "human vanities" and rest in him...when I struggle with the battle I lose hope for there is not power or might within me that can win is only by the Spirit that I can win ... by the Blood of the Lamb, and Job 41 states to put our hand upon Leviathan remember the battle and do no more ......
I am to be thankful for the battle that was won through Jesus Christ.
And when I meditate upon the Victory given through Jesus Christ I gain my hope back.
Thank you this a.m. for the reminder of an amazing God that has made all provision possible.

Natalieh said...

Wow did that bless me. Amein and Amein. I love you.


Kati Potratz said...

Yeah!! Just like you can't always put your finger on what was killing you, right? Except you know whatever it was, was from the enemy. What a journey we're on. I agree with all you said (esp the parts that have to do with BIH and Moments)... HE is restoring everything, Michelle! Let's keep eating the mystery!!

Jenn said...

Beautiful! God doesn't need us to do all those things, but He desires for us to come to Him. He longs for us to come near and to love Him. Your right without prayer, fasting, being in the word, seeking Him, we are opening ourselves up to attack from the enemy.

Thanks for posting this it is wonderful!

Lynda said...

What a beautiful post Michelle. Thank you for sharing from your heart. I was really moved by your words. Blessings!