Sunday, February 20, 2011

He Has Come Home!!

I have received one of the greatest gifts a mama could ever receive, this past week.  I don’t think I will question anymore, ‘I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in the truth’.  I think it might just be the greatest joy!

It almost feels surreal.  I sort of walk around dazed and confused at times.  I haven’t been able to sort out all the emotions yet.  Of course, extreme joy floods my heart.   Also, a letting go of years of emotions and fears I have tried not to feel or attempted to take captive.

I ponder my own walk of faith over the past ten years because doesn’t the surprise and the ‘really?, is this really happening?’ show me the very unbelief in my heart?

Did I really trust his Father would bring him home?  I look back and see times of great faith and moments of great doubt, fear and unbelief.   I see a faithful God, that even when I was faithless, He was faithful.

When I writhed with fear, He held me tight. 

When I was angry, He never once turned away as I ‘beat my fists on His chest’ crying, “why, why!?”  “If You had just . . . !”

When my heart was broken and bleeding and one more horrible phone call came, or one more devastating blow~the anchor of my soul held me tight.

The wonder of how to even think now, because for so~many~years it was so dark, seemingly hopeless!  It is like needing to reprogram my mind to not brace for the worst~to not be ready to flinch from what might come next.

Yes, I do have to say, in His infinite mercy, I may have been given one of the greatest gifts this past week.  While He daily, moment by moment loads us with benefits, every once and awhile it is a huge, whopper of a gift, and I humbly lift up trembling hands . . .


While I could list 100’s of things in this weeks edition of my ‘One Thousand Gifts’, I will reserve the space for one very wonderful and holy gift.

  • The homecoming of our (ex) prodigal and his lovely bride!

Eucharisteo always precedes the miracle.


Me said...

I am very encouraged. I have a prodigal of my own and this brings me great hope. Would love for you to visit my blog...

Joyfulmomofmany said...

Michelle, count me in as one rejoicing with you! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Michele, what a joyful reunion for you that the prodigal son and his lovely bride have returned to the Father's house. I know how delighted that I am over my son's commitment to walk with the Lord...he struggles alone for his wife at this time refuses and makes up all kind of excuses to NOT be a part of the fold ... but your post has encouraged me that even though in her youth she was not brought up with the teachings of Christ...that is no "impossible feat" for our Lord ...Rejoicing with you Michele....great rejoicing

Natalieh said...

HalleluYah I say with tears in my eyes. I am so blessed to know the things He is doing in your family. On top of that blessing, the beauty you just wrote explaining His love and faithfulness. It truly spoke to my heart.

I love you,

Elaine said...

Praising the Lord with you!!!! What wonderful hope this gives me for the one I pray for!!!!

Coby said...

Praise God! I am rejoicing with you!!!

cooperkelly4 said...

Yay! Gd is sooo good!

JillAileenJones said...

God is so faithful to us-His word promises that it will not come back void-if we train up a child in the way he should go that when he is old he shall not depart from it.
Praise Him from whom all blessings flow-what wonderful news. What a glorious, joyful, wonderful thing.
Praise God!

gretchen said...

stopping over from Multitude Monday's - What an awesome list of ONE! The MOST important ONE - a return. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness... rejoicing with you, sister - for that is what we are - knowing and loving Christ together! Blessings!

Rebecca said...

Praise be to God! My husband is a prodigal...and I am in many ways! He returned from the depths that many never return from. the grace of God! Blessings and peace to you....and praises in the Heavens at the return of your son!!!

Joining you from Ann's...and celebrating with you!

Anonymous said...

You are an answer to my prayer today!
I have a website called Helping Hurting Parents of Prodigals. My son has been a prodigal for 5 years and I have prayed with many parents for their prodigals, but this morning after hearing about the birth of a grandchild I will not see, I just prayed that we would see the return of one prodigal...and here you are...a glimpse of the light ahead for each one of us. May I please post your testimony on my blog to encourage others? My email is I am rejoicing with you!!!

Homemaker Ang said...

the best news i have heard in a while! GOD IS FAITHFUL! we are praising the Lord with you all!

Marcy Hayes said...

Thank you for a window of joy. God is good. I have written a book I want to share. WAITiNG FOR YOUR PRODIGAL: DAILY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.
Marcy Hayes

busymomof10 said...

Wow! How on earth did I miss this post originally?????

Praising God with you!!!! WE serve an AWESOME God!

Debbie said...
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The Shepherd's daughter said...

This is a message of "joy and hope" sent to me from above!
I received this story through a website for parents of prodigals.
I have a prodigal daughter who has been gone for two years. Reading your story reminds me of some of the thoughts and emotions I have had. Giving it all to God is hard, and with HIS HELP and HIS STRENGTH I have gotten to that place.
God has given me many words of Hope, many whispers that it will be alright.
I love this message that has given me hope again! I REJOICE with you! PRAISE GOD for answered prayer! He DOES hear a mother's cries for her child! He loves the strays, and He does not lose His sheep.