Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Secret of “IN”

When I first started my very own gratitude journal back in October of 2009 I would try to keep my journal out and write down thoughts throughout the day, but the counter never stayed clear enough and by noon I couldn’t even find my journal. I took to writing down the things I could remember from my day in the evening.

This was fine, it worked for where I was in life, and it was a precious time of worship with my Father as I remembered all He had done in the day. But something was missing.

Back then I think I missed something that I now see and has made all the difference in how ‘giving thanks in all things’ is transforming me.

Fast forward to now, after reading One Thousand Gifts, I purpose to keep my planner with me (that has special paper made just for my gratitude list) and write down the ‘gifts’ as they happen. (as best I can, of course)

I cannot tell you how this had made the difference in real change happening in my heart! The joy and peace I am able to walk in ALL~THOUGHOUT~ THE ~ DAY is amazing. I think I found the secret!!

It is not just thanking Him for/in all things, it is inviting Him into the moment, by noticing and thanking Him, IN the moment!! Actually giving thanks IN all things. I hadn’t seen it before, but IN, at that very time, right there “IN” the moment!!!!

Doing it anytime is certainly better than not doing it. But, for me, this doing it IN the moment has been unexplainably life transforming!! When I stop and choose to see Him, (thank You Holy Spirit for faithfully stopping me!!) I can usually avert a big hissy fit, on my part, and obey the Word of God that says to Rejoice Always!!

Maybe I should clarify, I am LEARNING to do this! I don’t want to give the impression that I walk around the house perfectly joyful and praising my Jesus all day long with never a sin or ingratitude in my heart! I am LEARNING to do this, okay?

Have you found the ‘secret’ of “IN” all things??

And so the counting continues . . . have you started yet?

  • greatest joy of the week, discovering my sweet Sarah Grace’s ‘gratitude list’. Beyond precious things on her list.


  • She ‘gets’ it!
  • beautiful morning prayer time each morning
  • deliverance for Isabella
  • blue skies


  • treasure found on walk
  • sunshine and snow
  • walking with children
  • Elijah walking in his snowsuit
  • making meatballs and sauce
  • everybody helping in kitchen
  • Mr. Smit plowing the rest of the drive
  • huge piles of snow
  • snow forts (or snow forks to Elijah)
  • my new juicer!
  • joy in my heart
  • exercising for the first time in a long time
  • hot tea, cold hands
  • quiet morning time
  • Brian ‘hooking me up’ each morning
  • finding new sweet worship songs
  • Pane con Formaggio
  • wonderful evening of hospitality
  • teaching Elijah joy


  • coconut chocolate chip sourdough bread and carrot raisin sourdough bread
  • offering to read a book to Elijah and him telling me not until I read him the Bible
  • coffee on a Saturday morning with my man
  • talking with a dear friend about Ann’s book
  • a different Elijah
  • way more peaceful Saturday
  • excitement over surprising Victoria
  • pretty papers


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for you! Back to our email conversation. Another reason why Christians often lack financially is the we are such givers. We had a missionary speak today at church and he stated that God blesses us to bless give it away, not to horde. I know you are already doing that, Michelle. And God blesses, always! He is a great God. Much love to you this week, sister!

Kati Potratz said...

Me too, Michelle... I'm only on chapter 4... and my week has been totally... different... dare I say it... more joyful... whoa.

cooperkelly4 said...

I am finally getting it in the moment too. I am loving the change in my heart. Thank You Jesus!!! How sweet to see your kids follow your gratitude example. Precious!

Dianna said...

I fully understand where you are coming from in your post. I would always begin my quiet time each morning by simply listing five things that I was thankful for. But then, after reading Ann's wonderful book, I started seeing life differently...and I couldn't wait from one morning until the next to number these gifts because so much is missed in that time span of memory. I had to write it out...right then...right IN the moment that it was shown me! Oh. My. Goodness! What a change this is making in my life, as well.

Thanks so much for sharing not only your lovely list, but also the difference He is making in you through this practice of seeing Him IN life..