Monday, May 11, 2009

My Favorite 'Spiritual Place'

Gathering At the Well

When I first read what the topic was for today I was just about jumping up and down like my children do yelling "oooh, pick me, pick me!"

I LOVE this topic and love to share about the importance of having a quiet time. In this post I share what I do in my 'quiet time'. I share in another post how to make time for God.

I have my quiet time in our bedroom. We have a pretty small bedroom so we have sacrificed having an extra dresser in our room so I can have my quiet time area. (Thank you Honey ;-)

One of my children will often times light my candles for me in the morning. I curl up in my chair, pillow on my lap, journal and bible on the pillow. I have to have my tea each morning, I don't think it is the same without it. This is where I pour out my heart to my Father.

To my left is my hymnal, another devotional journal and my 'spiritual binder' where I keep future blog posts, articles I am reading, inspiring posts, ect.

Behind my chair, in a box are all my 'study' tools. They include my Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, concordance, and Matthew Henry Commentator. I can get totally lost looking up words in these dictionaries. I love to dig deeper and find the original meanings.

My favorite basket includes my most cherished devotionals. I have written before about them. My favorites are 'Streams in the Desert' and 'Springs in the Valley'. This also contains my 'Utmost for His Highest' an NIV and KJV bible. Also, this is where I keep my "Mama Truths"

I hope you have enjoyed a peek inside my 'quiet time'. Tell me about your time with the Lord! Isn't is so awesome to be able to meet with our King and Lord?

Are you struggling with having a quiet time? Don't give up, He is waiting for you!


Joyfull said...

I enjoyed a peek inside your quiet time space! This is also a favorite topic for me because it is so important. Blessings to you today!

Leisha said...

So glad you posted today - I am happy to find your blog - looks like there are lots of goodies here - I look forward to poking around at all your offerings ;-)

bookflutterby said...

Hey! I love looking around your blog here. :D Yes, I have my own quiet time truly is so special.