Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thus Far Has the Lord Helped Us...

Thus far has the Lord Helped us. (1 Samuel 7:12)

As I look towards the New Year and new goals, a devotional I read encouraged a look back before I look forward.

"Whether through poverty, wealth, sickness, or health, whether at home or abroad, or on land, sea, or air, and whether in honor, dishonor, difficulties, joy, trials, triumph, prayer, or temptation

– ‘Thus far has the Lord helped’!"

"Look at the large green limbs of God’s mercy overhead and the strong pillars of His loving-kindness and faithfulness that have brought you much joy."

As I look back over this past year, I am humbled and in awe of my Lord’s mercy and grace poured out toward me.

There have been some very difficult trials that He has graciously brought me through. Times I wondered if I could even go on another day, another moment.

Thus far has the Lord helped us.

There have been moments of great joy, so much so that I’ve been reduced to tears that I could be so blessed.

Thus far has the Lord helped us.

Other times He has mercifully exposed my heart and all the filth therein. He so gently and lovingly shows me how far I am from where I think I am. He does it with such pure love, never to condemn, only to convict and restore.

Thus far has the Lord helped us.

Yes, I see once again that He has carried me through and "Thus far has the Lord helped" me. And it is with renewed hope and strength that, should I be allowed more tomorrows, I can face them with all of their trials, joys, temptations, battles, defeats, victories, prayers, answers, toils and strength yet to come.

So, dear believer, "be strong and take heart," for...

The Lord who "thus far" has helped you
Will help you all your journey through.

To Him Who is seated on the throne and to the Lamb be ascribed the blessing and the honor and the majesty (glory, splendor) and the power (might and dominion) forever and ever (through the eternities of the eternities)!

Devotional quotes taken fromStreams in the Desert, by L.B. Cowman

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