Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Successful Day Defined!

I was asked "how do you define a successful day?

What matters most to me at the end of day?

Is it...

the house picked up (ha!)

laundry all done (ha ha!)

wonderful dinner prepared (on time, again ha!)

quiet, peaceful, calm (not even going to say it)

What really matters most at the end of the day?

did I honor and love my husband?

did I look for ways to bless him, further his plans?

have I been kind and gentle to the children?

have I spent time with them?

did I work on relationships with each of them?

did I teach them about our God?

did I model Christ to them? (ouch)

Help me, Lord, I fear my priorities are mixed up most days. Show me Lord, show me .

1 comment:

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

My prayer is that God would continue to give me His eyes as I walk through the day---most importantly too is that I listen to His voice and not drown it out with the busyness of the day.

Good post and many blessings...