Sunday, December 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday (Click Picture to Enlarge)

I know this might look 'over the top' but this is the form I use for my menu planning each week.
Many things are standard each week such as breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.
If you click on the picture it will enlarge it.
I really love this way of planning because it gives me the 'tasks' I need to do each day also. We try to incorporate as much 'Nourishing Traditions' as possible, and as you know, you need to really plan ahead!
See more Menu Plans here!


Andrea said...

Wow that's awesome! You're very organized, that's great! Have a wonderful week.

Org Junkie said...

Welcome, thanks for joining us!!

Haughstuff said...

I love your menu planner. I've been wanting to start a menu, but have had a hard time figuring out where to start. So, I plan on taking stock of the pantry this week, and hopefully at least having 1 big meal a day planned.