Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rejection is God's Protection (pt.1)

I was standing in line at my local Goodwill when I spotted a young lady with a sweatshirt that said "Rejection is God's Protection". I was stunned! My mind whirled. I had never thought of it that way. I immediately remembered a few years ago the Lord healing a huge hurt in my heart with this very concept.

When I was in high school, I had a boyfriend with whom I was sure I loved with all my heart. We were together for a couple of years. His family loved me and I them. They were so 'normal'. I came from a divorced family and as I look back I see I was so desperate for someone to love and accept me. Well, we broke up before graduation, and I was truly devestated. I did everything I knew to try to get him back, and for seemingly no reason he wouldn't take me back. I am sure the rejection I felt set me up for a whole bunch of poor choices over the next several years.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when the Lord was showing me just how much He loved me, how I was accepted and loved by Him just as I was. That I was precious and valuable in His sight...

One morning during my quiet time He revealed to me that the reason that boy and I never got back together was not because something was wrong with me, but because my Father was protecting me and saving me for the awesome Godly man I am married to now. For years I felt like something must be wrong with me--now I was able to see that is was God's hand protecting me.

I wept for what seemed like forever! I not only realized I was not some unlovable person, but my Father loved me so much and that His plan was so, so much better than mine.

You see, this man I am married to loves me so much. He is so kind and patient with me. We are constantly amazed at how awesome it is to be married to each other.

Thank You, Lord, for Your wisdom. Thank You for the rejection You used to protect me.

Has there been deep rejection in your life that has left a deep wound? Perhaps this little story pales in comparison to your story. Could you possibly see your Father's hand protecting you? Even if you cannot see it now, could you dare to trust Him to heal and fill that hurt?

Lord Jesus, let us see Your hand in our lives lovingly protecting us, even using the pain of rejection. Oh Lord, give us grace to trust You more.


Dawn said...

That's funny that you define rejection in this post about an old boyfriend (I have my own rejection stories). But we are having to make a real hard decision about leaving our hometown and family and moving to a different state. I am faithful that if our offer on the house is declined (rejected) it will be God's hand protecting us...HE IS GOOD ISN'T HE!!

Civilla said...

That was sad, but God does always know best. Like your blog, and your comments on Cedar. I am an older lady, new to these ideologies. We only had 2 children and public schooled. But, our world is changing rapidly, as is our culture, and I need to keep up with new ideas, which are really old ones rediscovered.

Homemaker Ang said...

I LOVED THIS POST! it was a real encouragement to me! keep up the great "work"