Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Putting “Feet” to My Words

After all the fun I had coming up with a ‘words’ for the new year, I am having just as much fun putting “feet” to my words.

For words that had to have ‘teeth’, don’t you think they need feet too? Winking smile (beyond, silly, right? told you I was having fun)

My poor family, first they had to suffer long with me as I chased them down to come up with their own ‘word’, but now they have me asking them if they have ‘put feet’ to their words yet. Good thing they love me and I make amazing sourdough bread! Right?

What do I mean by feet? There needs to be some sort of plan to carry out my hopes for the new year.

Relentlessly pursue . . . prayer

Putting feet to it:

I purpose to put prayer time in my schedule. I absolutely assign a time of the day, and by His grace seek to keep that appointment as if it were eating or brushing my teeth.

Relentlessly pursue . . . scripture memory

Putting feet to it:

I include the children in on this during our devotion time, it adds accountability. I have copies of the scripture I am memorizing all over the house. I carry my ‘memory booklet’ with me where ever I go. I make sure to practice when I eat, or sit for quiet time, or when I rest, or as I am passing the fridge or washing dishes. If I am not intentional about doing this it will not happen. I know, I have tried haphazardly for years!

These are just a few examples. It does little good to say, “I will exercise more this year”, but then have no plan to make it happen.

So, how are you ‘putting feet’ to your Year of . . . ?

This is part of Ann’s “Walk With Him Wednesdays”

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