Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A True Mama’s Heart

Recently I ‘stumbled’ on this sweet Mama’s blog.  I fell in love with the following post, called, “Teach Them Well”,  as it speaks right to my heart.  I struggle to keep my heart at home, often times, and this really helps put it in perspective.  (you might also want to read “Loving Channie God’s Way”)  This woman has a way with words and photos!  You will be blessed.

Teach Them Well

by Robin at Just a Family

Her little nose cold and runny from the temperature outside. I wouldn't trade this life of mine for anything. You see I don't have to be a mommy. I could just be a woman with many kids but I'm 100% mommy. I love the wet clothes that pile up by my front door as the kids come in from playing in the snow. The puddles that pile there are from the precious babies that I adore.

I have a passion and my passion is my family. I love keeping home. I love

driving a big red van that has old French fries from last week squished between the seats.

I see him walking and I know that one day he will walk away from this farm and start his own life but for now I get to walk beside him and keep him safe. I get to hold his hand and tuck him in at night. His footprints in the snow on this farm will melt and unless you sell yourself out and just be engulfed by your family you'll miss the small prints they leave behind. Don't miss it. Be their biggest fan... hug them so much that they run from you when they see you coming... then run and hug them some more. Don't let them leave without missing the love that you have poured into their life.

Help them enjoy the small miracles God puts in their life.
Teach them to love God
Teach them to love their daddy
Teach them to love each other
and they will love you.
this takes daily work though.
Working through squabbles without taking
sides and teaching them to be friends that will
last a lifetime.

Be kind and gentle.

Don't raise your voice.

This year, start off by saying what

you have to say calm and loving.

Practice until you get this right.

Love is patient, Love is kind.

Be kind..Be fun...

Be happy and let your

kids see you being happy.

Teach them to carry each other through the day...

Remind them everyone has bad days and when your brother

or sister is having a bad day help them carry their burdens.

Turn them to the Lord in every situation.

Sing. Sing. Sing.

Teach them songs that promote love and harmony

surrender yourself as mother

and have fun.

When you learn to love in color your kids will notice

and you will not mind the puddles on the floor

or the clothes piled up high. The meals will become

a banquet and the mess a safe haven that you get

to be a part of.

Be Thankful..

Enjoy them.

Smile at them.

Tickle them.

Be with them always and when

the day comes and the seasons

change, they will be

with you.

My days are very full. I grow weary. I have sickness,

I have health, I get through a day one day at a time just

like you but I have these beautiful faces

that need me to be happy, thankful, and trusting..

They don't expect me to be perfect and perfect I'm not,

but I'm trusting in the unfailing love

of a Savior that loves us all.

To God be the Glory for such beautiful smiles.

I told you that you would love it!  Have a wonderful, blessed day, and go hug on your blessings!

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cooperkelly4 said...

I just found that same blog a couple weeks ago. Just love it!